Edmonton Meet?

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  1. swich401
    Sorry for taking so long to get back to you. Had to firm up some dates when I may be out of the city. July 14th, 15th or 16th would probably work best for me.
  2. slankoe
    my week off on July 8-13 works for me!

    It looks like we need to get the word out and get more than half a handful of people to come
  3. EdmontonCanuck
    I'm not prepared to go and rent a room for a meet if we can't get enough people on here to chime in and say that they are interested in attending. So far, there's only the 3 of us who said they would attend, but the date for attendance isn't firmed up (2 of us have proposed different dates).

    Sunday, July 16th is the proposed date so far, but it's coming up fast. If we're going to hold a meet-up, we need to get more people to chime in and express interest.
  4. slankoe
    Doesn't work out for me but I am glad to suggest it to other folks I know in the interest of having any meets in Edmonton at all, so that more people may want to come.to a future meet that I'd be able to attend.
  5. swich401
    I'm thinking it may be best to wait to have this meet until around September/October or so when people are less busy with holidays/summer activities.
  6. slankoe
    It's cool with me. I will make a spreadsheet to let you know what days I'm available! cause i work two weeks on, one week off shifts. I might forget to update this post, so give me a like or message / something if it has been a few days and I haven't done so!

    I've got some new gear too! One's lightly used Chord Hugo with small scratch on the bottom. I Returned the EL-8, kept the HE-560, got the Senn HD 650, a Bottlehead S.E.X. amp that hasn't arrived or been built yet. Also got myself the trusty Oppo PM-3, HA-2SE, Noble Audio Ķatana (but its custom so can't share with your ears). Got a (somewhat) cheap AK300 coming soon too. got a pair of Pioneer HPM 100 (100watt v) on the way too! WTF, my savings are gone.

    this month I went hard on audio spending. Crap! But it sounds so good :)
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  7. Malfunkt
    Hi guys,

    I'd be interested in having a small meet. In a number of ways, a smaller meet is good as we can spend a bit more time appreciating each others gear. @EdmontonCanuck sounds like you've been taking the lead on this. What were the costs on the Inn in Sherwood Park? I'd be glad to help put some of the funds forward in advance if you were organizing this.

    I'd bring my current sets

    LCD2 rev 1
    HD250 Linear Mk1 (a vintage Sennheiser that may be a fav for any HD650 fans out there)

    May also have Dolby Atmos for Headphones demonstration setup along with some binaural environmental sound recording content setup.

    Sherwood Park is fine with me. @swich401, let me know if you may need a ride (its a bit closer than Calgary!)
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  8. EdmontonCanuck
    The room at the hotel in Sherwood Park was very reasonable....$100. I was going to pick up the cost, no worries. We just couldn't get enough interest around a specific date for me to book something. If enough people are now interested, I can arrange the room.
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  9. swich401
    I'd be up for a meet within the next couple months. Saturdays work well for me, and also Sunday mornings.

    I'll bring HD650's, an custom made 6AS7G tube OTL amp, and Schiit Gumby.
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  10. swich401
    Anyone still interested in making a small meet happen sometime in November or December?
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  11. Malfunkt
    Hey Swich401, I'm still up for it. Even if its only a handful of us, it would be good to get together.
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  12. slankoe
    Screenshot_20171030-214305.png Screenshot_20171030-214311.png Screenshot_20171030-214316.png I'm up for it. Please see my work schedule outlined in turquoise coloured lines in the attached images. Every two weeks, then one week off, that's my shift. I fly back and fourth on Fridays.

    I'm trying to get a used Eddie Current Zana Deux Super to go with my HD650 and I have the Bottlehead S.E.X.

    Got an Oppo HA-2SE, Universal Audio Apollo Twin Duo, Hifiman HE560, Noble Katana, that's pretty much all I have aside from a set of the monitors that have very good price to performance ratio, the JBL LSR305 (massdrop). I sold the other stuff I had which were mentioned in the earlier post.

    If we have a place to set the monitors up you will see that the Bottlehead and the U.A. Apollo Twin run those and dynamic headphones excellently. For the HE-560 I don't have a well matched amp other then the portable Oppo which has too low gain compared to a desktop amp.

    I'd be a very happy man if someone brought a pair of (either modded or stock) HD800. I would absolutely use them in a Zana Deux because the HD650 were mindblowingingly good out of it though I only heard ite for a short time. Seems insane pairing a 300-500 dollar headphone with 1000-2000 dollar amp (not sure on the price in CAD). Holographic imaging. Way better than the Focal Utopia sounded out my my modest Oppo, though it did have pretty "3D," sound. However the HD650 and ZDS combo blew it completely out of the water. Can only imagine it with the HD800, modded or the HD800S, neither of which I have ever heard for myself! Listening to the Utopia though it or the S.E.X. might be awesome sauce also

    Hope we can get some people pumped to join and have a great entertaining meet up somewhere in town. Who ever wants to start finding a venue please keep us posted. When I am on my days off I can try to find the place to meet but not sure where to look. If it's just a couple of us maybe the guys at the Gramophone would be alright with it. Not sure why the one fella earlier had problems with that idea?
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  13. slankoe
    Dude I really wanna hear the Gumby. Am already strongly considering to purchase it. Are your HD650s modded? I was thinking of doing the coin hole mod, foam removal, and dynamat mods and comparing a stock one.
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  14. swich401
    The photos didn't show up for your schedule.

    The HD650s have the Dynamat mod, but I forwent doing the coin mod as I didn't think it was necessary and I liked the change from the Dynamat enough. You can compare your HD650 to my nodded one at the meet.
  15. slankoe
    Fixed. Visible now. Perfect, I shall leave mine as They are until the meet!
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