Edmonton Meet?

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  1. musiclover666
    Hi all,
    Just curious if there is a meet planned for this year for the Edmonton area. I see from past years that events were held at the UofA as well as the Gramophone. Is there any interest in planning a meet for this year. I have never attended one and would be really interested in attending or even help planning or setting up. I don't have much in the way of gear to offer. Let's see if we can get something started.
  2. JCYC5
    I'm very interested. Any Edmontonians around? 
    If the Winnipeg guys can get a meet together, we can too!
  3. aqsw
    If you want, you can send us Winnipeg guys a bunch of return air tickets, and we'll bring our stuff over for you guys to hear!,[​IMG]
  4. JCYC5
    Wouldn't you want to escape to an arguably milder winter? [​IMG]
  5. aqsw
    I sure would. Send me the tickets!![​IMG]
  6. BRAC
    I'd definitely be interested in a meet.
  7. BRAC
    Wow, this is going nowhere fast...
    Where are all the Edmonton Head-Fi'ers?
  8. Jlav
    I'd go.
  9. jawar
    Is there any meeting (Edmonton) happining in this summer 2013, i want to sell my some audiophile stuff.
  10. trentrosa
    An Edmonton meet would make my year lol. Living in rural Alberta kinda limits my abilities to audition stuff. Someone come visit me on the farm :)
    P.S I'm just stuck inbetween Athabasca and Lac La Biche :p
  11. Sushisamurai
    Lol, there's 8 of us. Awesome lol.

    I got:
    AKG K701
    AKG K240 (not the 600 ohm edition)
    Allen and Heath (Xone) XE-52 (or was it 53?)
    Shure 425, 215,
    Vsonic GR07
    Outdoor technology Slims (Bluetooth headphones, surprisingly good for BT headphones)

    Fiio E17, E07K + matching base amp (E09K was it?)
    (And other ones, but I prefer the E17 station out of my 4 different amps)

    Wassssss ganna buy the sennheiser 700's, but reviews were too mixed. I'd love to try some high end sennheisers
  12. Headphonejunky
    I run a store in edmonton alberta that has lots of headphones on display to listen too. 36 sets of cans to be precise. We also have earbuds to audition. we are only 1 year in the market but trying to find a way to get better recognition for what we are doing. I was debating on setting up a headphone listening night. Which could also be like a beer tasting(no alcohol will be there). Everyone comes down hangs out shares there own personal audio gear but can also listen to everything we have. It also gives me a chance as a buyer for the headphone category to be better educated on what else is out there for brands. Also allows me to listen to other competitors stuff.
  13. cdbob
    We should try to get something together. If Calgary can organize one, so can we.

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  14. Headphonejunky
    Sounds good
  15. cdbob
    Why don't we try to get something together before there's snow on the ground. Rather than wait another year with little to no action. I mean it won't take much and it would led to the possibility of future meets/ events in Edmonton as well.
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