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Editing or Deleting an Added Item in Head Gear DB

Discussion in 'Feedback & Bug Reports' started by the monkey, May 6, 2010.
  1. The Monkey Contributor
    Can we have the ability to edit the title of an entry in the Head Gear DB?  It does not currently seem to allow this.  Also, is it possible to allow the deletion of an added item? 
    I added the PerfectWave PWD, but the title of the entry says "Networking DAC," which is not the product name.  I can't seem to edit it out.
  2. JeckyllAndHyde
    Yeah it will be nice - Head Gear names were all taken probably from amazon - theyre all too long and confusing.
  3. jude Administrator
    Editing a name or deleting something in the Head Gear DB is currently something only moderators and admins can do but if you shoot me a link to any product you'd like to suggest a change to, I can take care of it.
  4. The Monkey Contributor
    Thanks Jude. YGPM.  I'll be more careful adding to the DB next time.
  5. JeckyllAndHyde


    Would it be possible that item names are normal and contains no description? I mean "Sennheiser HD800" is enough, isnt it?
  6. Currawong Contributor
    To add to this, someone is going to have to figure out a standard set of parameters for gear, which, if not done soon is going to require someone going through existing entries to edit them.

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