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Editing a FLAC file without quality loss?

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by AudiOw, Apr 1, 2018.
  1. AudiOw

    I want to edit a FLAC file without having the quality reduced, what is the best program to do that with? Audacity? Also how do I do that?

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  2. PurpleAngel Contributor
    What do you mean by "edit" a FLAC file?
  3. AudiOw
    Edit 1 FLAC file 8 minutes long into two separate FLAC files one 6 minutes long and the other 2 - without reducing the quality of the files.
  4. gregorio
    Convert it into a wav or aiff file, edit it in the audio editor of your choice, convert it back into (2) flac files.

  5. Jammin72
  6. Neobenedict
    You don't need to convert to .wav or .aiff. As long as you can import and export in FLAC, there will be no quality loss. You can check the spectrals afterwards to see if the audio program has decided to mess with the audio or not.
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  7. HAL lives
    You can edit a FLAC file in Audacity just the same as you would a WAV, all the filters and editing tools should work just the same.

    You might want to make a copy of your original file before you start working on it, just to be safe, and when you finish, save it as a unique file name.
  8. DingiJA
    Ok, guys I have the same question as the thread starter. I read the topic, but my spectrals not the same after edit and save the FLAC file. I want to remove some parasite sound from previous song in my FLAC's. When I do edit, after spectral analysis with Adobe Audition CC 2018 build 11.1.3, the spectrogram of original FLAC and edited FLAC isn't the same. I tried with Adobe Audition, Audacity, but spectrograms is altered. When save the edited FLAC I save it without dithering, and all other sound parameters are saved as source file, nothing added, but I clear see the spectrals not the same after edit. Where I am wrong? Anybody have experience with editing FLAC with absolute no quality loss? What type of software the music companies used for doing this?
  9. BrightCandle
    I don't think audacity can do genuinely qualityloss editting of audio, most tools can't if what you intend to do is actually change the waveform. The way this is gotten around is having more bits to play with in the original audio (extra frequency and sample size) so that the final output is below the error rate of all the processing. If you go into the preferences and Quality make sure you are using an appropriate sample rate for the input and sample format, try it both with the actual input values and also maxed out to see what the effect of each is, but the max is probably going to produce a better result. Have a read of the quality preferences (file:///C:/Program%20Files%20(x86)/audacity/help/manual/man/quality_preferences.html) from the help and it will give you an idea of what they recommend (44.1 and 32 bit float is the best quality assuming 44.1 output).

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