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Edit Signature

Discussion in 'Feedback & Bug Reports' started by springbiscuit, May 25, 2012.
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  1. SpringBiscuit
    Hi guys, there's seem no edit signature function in my profile, i try really hard to look at below You photo list and above Your list, there is nothing in the middle.

    anyone mind to help?
  2. joe Administrator
    Give it a try now.
  3. SpringBiscuit
    thanks a lot for your help, now it's working =D
  4. bizkid
    I seem to have the same problem ?_?
  5. joe Administrator
    bizkid, I just checked your account and you have the right permissions, but I removed them and reset them.  Can you try again?  If it's still not working, can you post your OS, browser, and browser version?  Also, have you tried disabling any add-ons or extensions you may be running?
  6. Arve
    Are there any particular rules governing who can and can't have signatures? I have relatively few posts under my belt, so I assumed it was bound to the post count, but couldn't find anything in particular.
    In other words: I don't seem to have the ability to add a signature, but I would very much like to be able to do so.
  7. joe Administrator
    You have permission to add a signature now. 
  8. Arve
    Thanks a lot.
  9. P.J
    Would you fix it for me too? [​IMG]
  10. joe Administrator
    P.J, you had the appropriate permissions, but I reset them anyway.  Give it a try now.
  11. P.J
    Sorry, I can't even find where to edit it o.O
  12. joe Administrator
    P.J, if you scroll to the top of the page and look in the upper right corner, you'll see your username.  Click on it (or alternatively click here), and you will go to your profile page.  Simply scroll down, and you'll find the signature area.
  13. P.J
    Thank you [​IMG]
  14. NiceCans Contributor
    I just noticed that I too can no longer find the EDIT Signature function on my Profile page.
    I did search and read posts regarding how to do it but the option does not appear.
    Can I get some help please?
  15. joe Administrator
    Hi NiceCans.  I'm seeing your signature, and you have permission to edit your signature.  You can edit it by visiting your profile page, and scrolling to the "Your Forum Signature" section, and click the "edit signature" link.
    If you have any more issues with it, could you post a screenshot of that section of your profile page, and your OS, browser, and browser version?  It will help the technical team investigate if the issue isn't resolved.
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