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Edifier s350db left tweeter loudness

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by sunnybirch, Feb 9, 2019.
  1. sunnybirch
    Ive bought these speakers and have a slight problem - right speaker's tweeter seems to be louder then left speaker's tweeter. Its noticeable when you play 2.1 sound test, but can also be heard when moving your ear to right/left speaker. Left speaker tweeter seems to be 20% muddier then right. Did anyone experience this kind of issues with your s350db speakers/other 2.1 system?
    i didnt get a chance to listen to other s350db speakers, maybe this is the way stereo mixing on this edifier is by default.
  2. Slogra
    I had some experience with s350db, but i did not notice a difference between left and right tweeter. Actually i really liked sound of the tweeters.

    I would try a music player (such as foobar2000) which can reverse stereo channels, to make sure it is the speaker and not the music, room or your ears.

    I also have some experience with other Edifers: R1850DB and S1000DB. I can tell you those speakers sound very different. Where s350db sound bright and clear. The R1850DB and S1000DB both sound very dark and bassy. Actually i wondered if the tweeters of R1850DB actually worked, they did, but i could barely hear them even when i turned the treble up all the way.
  3. sunnybirch
    I've listened to S880DB, S1000DB and 2000pro. I didnt like the noticeable hiss on S1000DB. They also sounded "cloudy".
    This is the problem with Edifier S350db: music is playing (random track) and i adjust left/right speaker balance.
    Windows > speakers > balance sound > left speaker 100 / right speaker 0. Left speaker produces "muddier" sound, lower volume.
    When i balance the sound to > right speaker 100 / left speaker 0 > right speaker is obviously brighter and has more volume (treble).
    Im not sure if this is a feature of 2.1 systems (creating stereo sound image) or this particular speaker set has a bug.
  4. Slogra
    Well, both speakers should sound the same obviously. So it seems one of them is faulty.

    Are you sure it is not the music that has more tremble/hihats on the left? Try the reversing the channel in you player.
    You can also try reversing them physically to make sure it's not the room/placement.
  5. Slogra
    Btw i'm really curious how the S880DB and 2000pro sound compared to the S1000DB or s350db? Can you describe them?
  6. sunnybirch
    S880DB > clear sound, clear high and mids, bass is tight but you can sense that they struggle with bass (no punch due to small boxes). If i was looking for small, compact, speakers - i would choose these.
    S2000pro sounds almost the same as S1000DB, but overall:- it has slight tolerable hiss, cca 10% more soundstage and its brighter. Not much, but brighter. You can feel the vocals much more then on s1000db.
  7. Slogra

    What do you think of the bass/subwoofer of the s350db? I was unable to get it under control. In some music the bass is too loud while in other music it was lacking. But maybe it was caused by my room acoustics.
  8. sunnybirch
    Hm... my room is 4mx6m, 3m ceiling, no acoustic isolation, and the bass/subwoofer is almost perfectly integrated with left and right speakers. Distance between left and right speaker is 1.7m (theyre on desk 78cm height), subwoofer is under the desk at center position. For example Lou Reed's Walk on the Wild Side is clear, no obtrusive bass. I've lowered the bass to -3dB and i use this setup all the time.

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