Eclipse TD-M1 speakers!
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Jun 21, 2001
Hi All,
We are very pleased to announce the arrival of the Eclipse TD-M1 near field speakers. $1300 delivered to you front door! And for those seriously interested we are offering a loaner program. Email to get on the loaner list. The loaners will start on their journey next Monday - be the first on the loaner list or order a pair today!!!



Enrich your listening experience with immediacy, musicality and accuracy, unmatched by stereo systems costing many multiples more...
At A Glance
* Wireless music playback
* Simple installation
* Stereo soundstage allows you to locate all of the musicians in your favorite band
* Complete stereo sound system in a neat package, no need for extra amplifiers, cables or bulky accessories
* AirPlay delivers wireless or wired music playback at high resolution (up to 24/192) from any computer or smart phone.
* Enjoy quiet music in your office while you work in high-definition resolution. Even as low as 65dB, the music is still full and satisfying sounding, allowing one to take phone calls or chat with a colleague, without having to reach for the volume control.
* Nearfield listening experience, just like the recording engineers who made your favorite album. The listening room's acoustics are pretty much dialed out of the equation.
* The headphone experience without the headphones
Eclipse TD is a joint venture between Fujitsu and Toyota to deliver the most accurate & technologically advanced speaker systems ever to have been produced in Japan. Many Grammy award winning recording engineers swear by the remarkable resolution of the flagship TD-712z MK II monitors. (More info here ) Over a decade of R&D in Time Domain technology has resulted in the debut of the TD-M1, the first active speaker system from Eclipse TD.

Key Features
World-class, accurate sound with impeccable timing and utmost simplicity of operation translates to high-end musical enjoyment. Electronics are built in to the base, with a 24/192kHz USB interface, an ultra low distortion, non-oversampling Digital Analog Converter (NOS-DAC), and a high efficiency Class D amp, all in a compact package.
* Airplay both with and without Wi-Fi
* Smart operation with touch sensors and LED indicators
* One-touch speaker angle adjustment
* Dedicated iPhone App for remote control
* Two USB inputs, one analog input (1/8" mini RCA) & wireless Airplay over WiFi
The USB driver download can be found here:
TD-M1 manual Todd Stay updated on at their sponsor profile on Head-Fi.

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