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Echobox Audio Explorer UK Review

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by ejong7, Aug 4, 2016.
  1. ejong7
    Hi guys! In collaboration with @EchoboxAudio, a review tour will commence in the UK for their Explorer soon! Here are a couple of links for more information in regards to the Echobox Audio Explorer:
    Echobox Audio Explorer Homepage
    Echobox Audio Main Thread
    Echobox Audio Explorer Pre-Order Page
    Echobox Audio Indiegogo
    No confirmation yet about the particular unit that will be sent out for tour, but there are four finishes available for the final product: Maple, Mahogany, Zebra Wood and Ebony. Black Walnut has since been discontinued. Here is a brief description of the unit, as found from their Indiegogo page:
    And of course, the front of the unit:
    Multiple units in play:
    This thread is started to gather interested reviewers. If you're interested and wish to apply for a slot in the review tour, please submit the following details in a post below with your:
    - Headfi Username
    - Gear (Basically anything that you would like to use for the review including source and other headphones/earphones for comparison)
    - Past Reviews
    A final list of reviewers will be determined with @EchoboxAudio before the tour commence. The aim is to have the tour start soon after CanJam London 2016, but this is not fixed as of yet. If you need more information about the tour or the product, feel free to ask me more about it and I'll try my level best to answer them.
    [Update : 22/9/16] The tour has been delayed till at least November 2016 due to some final hardware adjustments that lead to a delay in production.
    Thank you again @EchoboxAudio for agreeing to the tour!
  2. glassmonkey
    There will be no need to have me on this. I only hope that I have mine before the tour commences. I'm really excited to see how mine sounds and intend to have it be my main source for a while before posting my own review. :)
  3. Krisman
    Hey Ejong, thanks for the invite but this device doesn't interest me. Perfectly happy with my Onkyo DP-X1 :) Cheers
  4. glassmonkey
    Also, one more finish has been shown, but it wasn't an option to the kickstarter IndieGoGo backers: ebony. I like the mahogany most, myself, and that is what I'll be getting. I was hoping to get it before CanJam so I could be walking around with it as my source, but that doesn't appear too likely.
  5. ejong7

    I saw the ebony. It was bad ars. I used the picture found from the website.
  6. glassmonkey
    I think we need to invite a few more people to review this Echobox Explorer, I don't think this page is getting the hits it deserves. Lets make this unit a top reviewed unit on HeadFi.
    @Middy Maybe check out the other IndieGoGo campaign that was going when the Seiun players were up? @Dadracer might be worth trying with your iFi gear? @Turrican2 Got any time for a review? @Deftone any interest in this one? @Jackpot77 this seems right up your alley. @zenpunk we both had fun on the Heron 5 tour, how about this one? @ostewart
    I know you've got some excellent stuff to compare to it and to use with it, any interest--I'd love to see a comparison to the Audio Opus Opus #1? Could this tour be expanded to Dublin, if so maybe @reihead would like to compare to his X5? @Skint and you were interested in the Audio Opus, maybe you'll be interested in this one. You were also interested in the Opus #1, @sgtbilko maybe this one will float your boat? @BucketInABucket we both reviewed the A65, want to do some more reviewing? @albaman you wrote one of the better reviews that I've seen this year about the Meze99 classics, and I'd love to see what you have to offer on a review of another wooden beauty. @dnun8086 maybe this would be up your alley too, but you may have a conflict of interest? What you think @Ithilstone, you at all interested in checking out a DAP from a company that treats their customers very well and makes a stunningly attractive product. It should also have that warm signature you look for. Any time for a review? @KT66 any interest? I know you were interested in the Lotoo PAW 5000 way back when and reviewed the FiiO X5. @Dickymint, want to come out of review tour retirement and have a look at another DAP, you've already done three?
    I hope I haven't annoyed anyone I've tagged. I've only tried folks I've interacted with and/or that have done reviews/tours in the past. I hope you find this of interest. For anyone who might think that reviewing a DAP might be hard, it isn't so bad, as you should know the headphones you use fairly well, and a DAP should be mostly neutral, so changes to sound signature on headphones shouldn't be too pronounced. What I listen for is noise-floor, soundstage, and whether there seems to be any emphasis to any parts of the frequency spectrum. Most parts of a review for a DAP are about ease of use and features, they pretty much all sound good, so long as the headphones you use sound good. This one has a lot of power for a portable at 300mW at 32 ohms--most only have about 75mW, so I'm eager to try this out with my HD600s. :)
    Now @Gilly87 and @EchoboxAudio let your backers on IndieGoGo know if they will be receiving their units before CanJam. I'm cool with a hand-off at CanJam too. :)
    Also, recruitment would probably be easier if reviewers were able to buy a unit at a discount and were not charged for shipping the unit in between reviewers. Logistics are easier if shipping is pre-paid and there are advantages in insurance--the person who pays for shipping is who has to take care of any insurance claim should damage or loss occur. A list of labels could be prepared in advance by @ejong7 or by Echobox. Put the labels in numbered envelopes inside the box so people know who is next in line. The labels would need to be drop-off labels--this is really important. I've had good experience with DPD and since Doddle is a drop-off point, you can drop off at many rail stations in the UK, which is excellent. DPD also has excellent tracking and notifications, so this could be made very easy for reviewers. UPS also has a good number of drop-off points, but their customer services is pretty lacking.
  7. Jackpot77
    Cheers glassmonkey - like yourself, I'm already in for an Indiegogo order so planning on reviewing these once Gilly87 greys them shipped out to Indiegogo backers over here. Will be keeping an eye on this thread with interest - hopefully the basket units will get sent out at the same time or prior to the tour so people can start logging impressions and reviews and generating some interest!
  8. glassmonkey
  9. reihead
    Hello everyone
    I saw this DAP a few weeks ago and caught my eye, so yes, I would be interested in reviewing it. Cheers glassmonkey for the mention and the opportunity.
  10. sujitsky
    - Headfi Username : Sujitsky
    - Gear: dx90, pono, Sony a15, Mojo
    - Past Reviews: none yet but got to start somewhere :)

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