Echobox Audio Explorer impressions and discussion thread

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by glassmonkey, Aug 6, 2016.
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  1. makethemusic
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  2. thefunkygibbon

    Nice reply...

    Fair play to you...

    I was rather rude wasn't I?

    Sometimes I can't help it.... so apologies.

    And I will amend the post..
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  3. HiFiChris Contributor
    I'm still waiting for my "first edition" t-shirt, size M...
  4. makethemusic
    Hey Chris! Please email and we will send it out ASAP. All first backer shirts were sent out quite a while ago, but we must have missed yours. No worries, we will correct it for you :)
  5. HiFiChris Contributor
    Done. Hopefully this time I will finally get the T-shirt and an answer, unlike my previous requests concerning the T-shirt since the beginning of December.
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  6. dlayman
    Whatever happened to the shirts for the Finders? I never got one, don't want one, but some others might. The shirts aren't very good quality. As far as I know, nobody that backed the Finders got them.
  7. makethemusic
    Hmmm, so you never got one, yet you "know" they aren't very good quality...hmmm :thinking: Also, Finder backers were not supposed to receive a t-shirt, unless they also backed the Explorer, or backed one of the combo's offering a shirt. If you want a shirt though @dlayman , I'm sure we could make something happen for ya if you asked nicely :smile_phones:
  8. dlayman
    No thanks, I got one with the Explorer, and I'm far from the only person who mentioned the undersizing of the shirt and one person had the printing melt. I could have sworn the Finders were supposed to come with a shirt also but I could be wrong.
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  9. makethemusic
    Nope, only the Explorers. Thanks for the feedback buddy, glad you love your shirt :)
  10. dlayman
    I don't have it anymore. It was donated. Finders and Explorer sold. I'm an Echobox free household now but am still subscribed to this thread, interested in seeing what develops. It's a pretty barren thread so I don't get many updates.
  11. VandyMan
    The shirts were very small and the material was cheap. I gave mine to a textile donation place. Echobox is unable to accept any criticism.
  12. pedalhead Contributor
    I didn't receive my t-shirt either (early Explorer backer). Not too bothered about it though tbh.
  13. makethemusic
    Send your address and shirt size to and we will get it out for you right away. :)
  14. makethemusic
    Sorry the shirt wasn't up to your standards. We will do better next time :)
  15. thefunkygibbon
    Just to answer this reply slightly differently from before.

    I sent you pictures via email on the same day talking with Josh. Still not heard anything.

    Secondly you at first refused to accept it under warranty, stating structural damage isn't covered. So you basically told me if the physical unit breaks you are not liable.

    You were not going to do something until I made a fuss then you asked for pictures.

    There is no excuse for swearing or being that offensive,and I do apologise for that, however, now 6 weeks later and I am still awaiting your response.

    To me structural means anything physically tangible. You stated quite quickly and firmly this is not covered.

    So in the end I did Co operate and send you pictures. I have the email trail. You never responded.

    So you will not come on here and call me a liar when I sent you what you asked for a few hours later and you will also not deny and lie about stating initially it was structural damage and not covered.

    See how that works it's called perspective.

    You started, I responded. And you know what you deserve it.

    What company makes a piece of rubbish that breaks after 4 months of almost non use and then states it is not covered under warranty. That is what your team did on your chat page on your website. You tried very hard not to accept it you even said it isn't covered because it is not an issue you have encountered with other machines. It was only after I started getting annoyed that you said send pictures.

    So I expect a public apology for calling me a liar in the same way I apologised for being rude.

    I won't hold my breath though.
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