Echobox Audio Explorer impressions and discussion thread

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by glassmonkey, Aug 6, 2016.
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  1. Headmusic
    FYI Echobox now have an updated version of USBAudio Pro seems to have fixed the ALSA issues with 192 flacs, and dsd plays sweet - sounds great now!!
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  2. thefunkygibbon
    Where can we obtain this update please?
  3. On The And Of 1
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  4. makethemusic
    Also, as a really cool "bonus" benefit of the new software update, your Explorer will now be compatible with up to a 256GB SD card! Hurray for more storage :wink:
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  5. thefunkygibbon
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  6. makethemusic
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  7. Headmusic
    I still have the issue with UAPP stopping after two track when in shuffle mode and seem to have found the root cause with Echobox haven't been able to do and haven't responded to my help request which I sent via email.

    It seems the issue is related to how the 'shuffle' mode works in UAPP and how it interacts with the internal amplifier in the Echobox. The are two ways to 'shuffle' in UAPP, either via their utterly crap 'shuffle all' mode or via a loaded playlist which works better. Again a complete incompatibility between USBAPP and Echobox, how much development and testing did they do between software/hardware, if any?

    But the deeper issue is the shuffle mode seems to fail because USBAPP spawns another service that runs in the app tray. It seems that this other instance of USBAPP is what confuses the software/hardware interface in 'shuffle all'. USBAPP will play the shuffle list, but when the song switches to a random one, the transport between the EB amp and software fails and everything stops.

    Just before I get the stock 'have you updated USBAPP and your Echobox to the latest version' answer, yes I have and yes the shuffle-stop issue is still happening.

    Back to the developers it goes and 'thanks for reaching out to us' or you or a robot, it would be nice if offline support replies, coz yr product is only as good as the support...
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  8. makethemusic
    I have prodded our CS team to look for your email, there is a chance it was delayed in response due to our entire team attending this last week's RMAF event in Denver. I have also sent your feedback over to the UAPP development team, and am waiting on a response. Thanks for the feedback, hopefully we will have a fix soon!
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  9. Davy Wentzler
    Can you please drop us an email at info AT
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  10. maxmania
    Can you please ask the CS to take a look at the emails and increase the priority of my issue I have sent several emails and you now have a PM.
    I have had an issue since June which is still unresolved.
  11. makethemusic
    Replied to your PM
  12. Headmusic
    I would just like to tell everyone that the 'shuffle stop' issue is now fixed..BASICALLY the issue happens when you apply the shuffle mode, press the volume button to put the screen into sleep. Whenever the shuffle list encountered a audio file of different bitrate or codec (eg flac-wav OR 96-192) the whole player would stop and you would have to hit the volume not to reactivate. Thank to USBAPP for the fix.

    In other news I seem to be noticing the dreaded pops coming back, seems there still may be issues with ALSA drivers and the EB hardware. On the USBapp forum people were complaining about a similar issue on different DACS.... Geeez with all the debugging I've done I should be hired by one of these HiDef audio mobs!
  13. ExpatinJapan

    Lunchtime with the Explorer and Campfire Audio Vega
  14. thefunkygibbon
    My explorer is broken and surprise surprise they wont fix it under warranty...

    The headphone socket came loose and fell into the unit. But that is not covered under the warranty..

    SO I have to pay to have it repaired..

    The echobox explorer the gift that keeps on giving...


    However they did request photos as you will see from the post below, and I was rather rude..

    But they did initially say it wasn't covered, which is what set me off..
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  15. makethemusic
    We requested basic additional information from you, including your Name, Email associated with the order, and a photo of the broken section of your Explorer. You refused to give us any information, and instead went on a tantrum throwing explatives at us, including "f$#@ You" and "C#nt", among many, many otgwrs.

    Even with this language and attitude from your end, we continued to explain that this is, at the moment, considered a "structural damage" issue, but we are happy to investigate further to determine the cause of the damage, and take appropriate next steps in assisting you.

    That offer still stands. As requested, please send us an email to with a photo of your broken unit, and we will investigate further. We are only able to help if you are willing to cooperate with us.

    UPDATE: Thank you @thefunkygibbon for your above edit, and thank you as well for allowing us to work with you to resolve this. If there is anything further we can do to support you, please email us and we will do our best to assist.
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