Echobox Audio Explorer impressions and discussion thread

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by glassmonkey, Aug 6, 2016.
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  1. AxelCloris Administrator
    Friendly mod reminder to discuss the gear and not the others who are also taking part in this thread.
  2. Q Mass
    My Explorer sounds sublime to me, and while I feel bad for anyone who isn't enjoying their's the way I'm enjoying mine, I don't believe that mounting a campaign to rubbish Echobox is going to help anyone with warranty issues to get their units fixed.
    It also won't help any of us to get firmware updates any quicker.

    I'm not saying that dissatisfied customers shouldn't discuss their issues, just saying that there are folk like me who are having a different experience, and whose perspective is different as a result.

    We backed Echobox in a crowd-funder, which always carries an element of risk, and I can see that there are some who aren't happy with the resulting device, but campaigning against Echobox won't help them fix either software or hardware issues.

    A reluctance to approach Echobox regarding problems will only perpetuate dissatisfaction as they can't fix issues they aren't presented with.

    I'd like the clock to not re-set whenever I fully shut down, but really, for the way I want to use my device that's my only complaint so far.

    Mine sounds great, looks great, and general operation (Tidal and Spotify) are fine.

    I do feel strongly that those with cracked bodies should have them replaced, not repaired, and that if I had a flexy screen I'd be unhappy too, but mine is nothing like that, it's rock solid (as far as these things go).

    I'm mostly using mine throughout the day through a speaker rig, and it sounds great.
    But I really get to enjoy it in the evening, when I sit down and plug in my D2000's or the t50rp's, or my MDR1A's (mostly reserved for mobile use).

    I recently bought a new cable to replace the now sadly dead Linum bax that I've been loving for some time now (Noble ultra thin from classifieds here, thanks @Vibarthe!) with my CIEM's, and these too sound great.
    Clean, clear, authoritative sound, with a hint of warmth which I find extremely satisfying.

    For the first time in ages I've been inspired to consider new headphone purchases, not due to dissatisfaction, but due to a greedy impulse to find EVEN MORE OF THE SAME!

    Echobox can clearly produce devices and 'phones that we, the buying public really like, and if we continue to support them they should eventually be able to provide that same level of satisfaction to all the backers and future customers.
    I believe that anyone with a problematic Explorer should be able to have those problems resolved, but that's only going to happen if Echobox are still around to work out the kinks, let's not 'cut our own noses off' by undermining any chance E-box has of addressing the deficiencies you are experiencing.

    I am without doubt keeping my Explorer, and even toyed with the idea of buying another from the classifieds (too skint for that though) as I still can't decide whether I prefer the Walnut or the Mahogany.
    I think I'm good for a while though.
  3. Psymon
    I've experienced a weird Spotify problem twice now. Not sure if's it's Explorer or Spotify related. But if the player runs out of power during playback, when it gets power again Spotify can't see the offline music, it's still there as the app has ~10GB of data in it, but it can't be seen or played and has to be redownloaded. Anyone else experiencing this?

    On a side note i get rought 6-7 hours of playback of Spotify in Airplanemode.
  4. Q Mass
    I haven't had that problem, but that could easily be because I rarely, if ever run the battery completely flat.

    Did you try signing out of Spotify, then back in again to see if that restored access to your offline content?

    I seem to remember having a similar problem on my cellphone which I may have solved this way (it was quite a while back though, YMMV and all that).

    If the battery was completely drained the issue may be to do with the date defaulting to sometime in the early 2000's as it currently does.
    Spotify may not allow access to your offline content until you have connected and allowed the date to sync/update via the Web.

    This may not be the problem, but it's food for thought.

    The last time I connected to my Wi-Fi Tidal offered to update to a more recent version, but I declined due to the fear of losing access to the offline content stored on my uSD card (the original Explorer firmware didn't support saving Tidal content to the uSD card, and since my current version does, and, barring a couple of crashes in the last month, seems to work very well, I didn't want to risk having to download my entire Tidal content again as it took about 3-4 days on my pre-industrial 'broadband' connection!).
  5. thefunkygibbon
    I am glad that you are enjoying it and have a good working model...

    It appears that your experience has been a good one... unfortunatley that hasn't been so for all of us...

    For example my screen on the right hand side as you look at it, has become detached from its housing, so now there is a gap.. which means I cannot use it as a portable as tge leather case also doesn't fit so there is no protection from dust and such like..

    UAPP just won't work. I did manage to open it but it just hung on the database screen, blank. Then the whole thing started to hang and I couldn't even turn the unit off, I had to wait for it to run out of battery, which to be fair, was only a couple of hours

    In an odd quirk, when using the volume drop down menu, unless alerts alarms and media volume are all set the same, the unit uses the lowest setting of the three. Effectively all have to be set to the highest...

    If I use the knob at the top, any increment adjustment of the volume is preceded by a very noticeable click..

    As you suggested, I have indeed contacted EchoBox and even though I have been highly critical bordering offensive, of the campaign and the way EB conducted themselves, they were exceptionally quick to respond and offered to pay for my return postage costs immediately and either fix or replace the unit. They were replying within an hour of my emails, so credit where credit is due...

    I think this may bode well for anyone suffering issues with their unit... as they seem very willing to help..

    Let's hope this continues..
  6. Q Mass
    Well, it's certainly not good to have suffered those problems, but I'm certainly glad that Echobox are responding in a positive way.

    Good luck with the rest of the process, and I hope you have a properly functioning Explorer in the near future :fingers_crossed:
  7. bearFNF Contributor
    It won't update Tidal anyway, due to not having access to the Google store. You would need to Sideloading the update. I just told it never to remind me. It's working now so I will do it later when I get a chance.
  8. VandyMan
    I updated Tidal yesterday to the new 2.0 version. After install, it was not working well until I rebooted the Explorer. Now it is fine.
  9. swannie007
    Just got my t-shirt today. Nice quality, pity it is made for a midget!! When will the Chinese manufacturers learn that XL in the USA is NOT midget size XL! I love the shirt but it will be relegated to sleep duty as it is just too small to be seen on my body in public! Talk about scaring old ladies and little children. Come on guys, give us US sized shirts PLEEEEEEZE! Don't want to seem ungrateful but a gift is only a gift if it can actually be used by the receiving party. Cheers.
  10. bearFNF Contributor
    LOL, they didn't even have my size, so I was planning on giving it to my sister anyway. But now if it is that small I may need to give it to my nephew.
  11. VandyMan
    I got my t-shirt today. One size too small and black grit stuck all over the orange stripes on the back. I think it had partly melted in the mail. Going to Goodwill. Nice job Echobox!
  12. Headmusic
    FYI.. I took my Echobox with me to Japan, I've been getting pretty good performace soundwise. I took it into an electronic store here to test some headphones, I got a really nice 3D sounds with some Elecom eh2000a headphones (some japanese made in china brand), better than the new Sony mdr100s.. ! But the unit still gets HOT, uapp runs like crap, heck it stutters with dsd files! And the volume nob is starting to feel flimsy, it also bother me that is doesnt remember volume levels from last listen always starts at minimum when you boot up
  13. thefunkygibbon
    That almost sounds like mine, but my screen is detached and UAPP, well I couldn't tell you about it as I haven't been able to get it working at all..

    Mine doesn't get hot as the battery doesn't last long enough...

    The volume thing is annoying as it also acts as the screen awakening button which has also stopped working 3 out every 4 times...

    It just keeps getting better...
  14. dlayman

    I got mine as well, with no intent of keep it. I'm and EB-free house now and forever. It isn't really undersized, it's just made really badly, a stunner. It's long enough and wide enough at the bottom, which defines the size. It's ridiculously small on the shoulders and chest, made for someone with a very poor exercise and work ethic. Seems appropriate. Mine is already in the donation box and the packaging in the trash.
  15. Headmusic
    Yes I have v3.5.7 as well.. If the 'sounds like vinyl' term means you can hear pops, well yes, mine 'sounds like vinyl' HOWEVER the pops are due to this friggin' issue I noticed with 24/192 FLAC files, I don't get it with VLC player.. ALSO my DSD files occasionally stutter, kind of like my Raspberry Pi2DAC, but that's because its an RiP2 DAC not an Ri3 DAC and it's a homemade hack job, not an 'American L.A Company'!!!

    I also got my t-shirt, yes it is in Asian sizes. Mind you my 'L' size fits me as an M would and I'm not such a fatty. It is a good quality t-shirt, soft cotton. NICE!

    Slightly OT, I was in Tokyo recently and 'HiDef' music seems to be reasonably popular there, well they at least have an 'audio/headphone' section in the 'Bic Camera' chain stores. It seems to be marketing since all the same bloomin' Audio Technica and Sennheiser headphones from 3 years ago now have the nifty 'HiDef' gold labels on them! But one thing is clear - THE CHINESE ARE KINGS IN THIS ARENA.. All those funky players 'reviewed' on Head-Fi, all those Fiios, Oknyos, Sonys etc.. and 95% of the headphones are made in China or Malaysia. Very little is made in Japan anymore, the penny has quite frankly dropped, unless you want to pay $1000 for a player. It seems Fiio are going to be the most popular player out there, Sony seem to be making a good charge with their new A35, alas the morons think they are Apple and have stuck to their proprietary cable and OS instead of Android.The Onkyo one is sexy, but a bit out of my price range, It seems the FUTURE of HD players means you MUST have Android if you want streaming/HiDefing with Wifi and Bluetooth, which will become standard. Echobox, to their merit have this, good luck, they should deliver a solid working product instead of the clunky, heavy Beta version we all have, because Fiio and Onkyo will eat them up.
    Last edited: Aug 31, 2017
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