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Oct 3, 2015
Ladies & Gentleman...
Boys & Girls...
Audiophiles & Non-Audiophiles...
We are beyond excited to announce that for the first time since we debuted our initial earphone, the Finder X1, we will be introducing not just one, but TWO new earphones at CES in less than one month! We have carefully crafted, designed, tested and tuned these earphones over the past few months, and are now ready to bring them into the world. So, without further ado... 

The Traveler ($99 MSRP)
Full body sound with an emphasis on a powerful yet detailed low end, clear and present mid range, and non-fatiguing transparent highs

Three color options: Blue, Rose & Orange

Titanium housings with a tin-plated cable and German made PEEK diaphragms 

Available in the T1(i) and T1(a) microphone models for iPhone and Android compatibility

Features 1 pair of Medium T-400 Isolation Series Comply tips with every package

Features standard range of silicone tips and matching color carry bag as stock accessories
The Nomad ($399 MSRP)
Unbelievable clarity throughout all frequencies, balanced presentation yet still reflective of it's playful dynamic driver nature, clear and detailed highs with incredible depth,
powerful & accurate low end and fully present, detailed mid range. The Nomad is our new flagship earphone, and we could not be more proud! 

Titanium housings, Silver-Plated-Copper cable and 9.2mm German made PEEK (Poly Ether Ether Keytone) dynamic drivers
Features our unique AFT System (acoustic tuning filter system) to allow for customization of your sound by changing the filter between bass, reference & treble

Replaceable cable featuring the MMCX connector and over-ear wear style
Will launch with two cable options, the N1(i) and N1(a) microphone cables for iPhone and Android comparability, as well as a non-mic cable option, all standard 3.5mm
Over the next few months we will be rolling out new cables, including Lightning, USB-C and Bluetooth
Works with existing MMXC cable options currently available on the market from other companies

Ergonomic design with soft rubber coating on ear-facing side for added security and comfort
Features 1 pair of Medium Comply T-400 Isolation Series tips with each package
If you happen to be in Las Vegas for CES, swing into South Hall 1 and come visit our booth to try these beauties out for yourself! We are located in the Las Vegas Main Convention Center, front of South Hall 1, Tech East, Booth 20909. 
At CES, we will also be showcasing completed production units of the Explorer DAP featuring their recent upgrade to Android 6.0!
For those of you that will not be attending CES, we are now taking applications for a review tour of the Traveler and Nomad. To apply, please email with the subject: REVIEW REQUEST (product name) (your name) (country of residence) and include within the email the following information: 
Full Name
Head-Fi handle
Full mailing address
Phone number (including country code)
Email address (for tracking number)
Website/YouTube/Blog link (if applicable)
Description of you and why you feel you should receive a free or demo unit of either (or both) products
We are extremely busy preparing for CES, but will do our best to respond to as many questions as possible about the products here on this forum. When in doubt, the best way to reach us is either by emailing or messaging us on Facebook at @echoboxaudio. 
Much Love,
Sam & The Echobox Team
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Oct 3, 2015
  The Travelers looks very good, but any more colours available in the future? The colours seem to be childish, I prefer a black or (dark) navy. But anyway, can't wait to listen to them!

I don't know if I would use the word "childish" for them, but there is definitely no black or white options at this point. Hopefully within the next few months we will be able to offer more, but given that every other earphone we have is Silver, we wanted to change things up :) 

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