Echo Indigo DJx - awful!
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Nov 16, 2003

I used to own a PCMCIA Echo Indigo and was very happy with it, it had lots of power and worked great, but after I changed my laptop I couldn't use it with the new Expresscard slot.

So I went out and bought Indigo DJX, an expresscard version, and man am I disappointed.

I don't know what the hell did they do, but this card absolutely lacks any power, it sounds completely the same as my laptop's built it soundcard and I have the volume(knob) turned up all the way and it still doesn't sound that loud, I could never imagine listening to my original Echo on full volume, ever.

I'm very dissapointed I have to say, I paid around 150 euro for it and I can't help but feel like I've wasted my money.
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Thanks for sharing, I ways also considering to get one...

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