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ECC82 / 12AU7 tube sale. Startpost up to date

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  1. Tom-s
    For Sale
    Ship to:
    • Anywhere
    I’m selling my small collection of ECC82 / 12AU7. Used these with my Crack, just gathered to many of them. These tubes are wonderfull sounding marvels from the past century. They are a great upgrade over modern tubes with a warm, rich tone and sweet sounding extended highs.
    They have 14mm ribbed plates and a top halo getter.

    These were made in the Philips factory in Heerlen (The Netherlands).

    Let me know if you want a pair.

    Now available:
    Tube code:
    Gf? Δ3B1
    Gf5 Δ1D1
    Gf8 Δ6L2
    Gf8 Δ7K3
    Gf8 Δ8G1

    They were tested as "good" on my Eico 666 for dynamic conductance, leaks and shorts. I also run them in my Bottlehead Crack amp for a some time to check for hiss/noise/microphony and to make sure for a proper function/sound. Do note that the only real test for any tube is in the circuit it needs to function in, meaning your amp.

    Price is a fixed 16€ per tube. I’ll take the PayPal fee, you pay the shipping.

    Payment via Paypal only (in Euro’s).


    Each tube comes in a new white tube box . To reduce shipping costs and for ecological reasons these small tubes are shipped in cardboard letterbox size boxes.

    All parcels are shipped with tracking number and signature upon receipt.

    Shipping and handling costs are 20€ worldwide.

    I do not ship to countries where parcel tracking is unavailable (i’ll let you know before payment).

    I ship on weekends only.

    Not interested in trades.

    Last edited: May 6, 2019

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