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Ebay question.. Possible problem.

  1. kool bubba ice
    Someone bought a game from me. I always include DC.. He sent me a email saying when will his game arrived. I checked the tracking number. It was delivered on the 20th. He sent me the email yesterday.
  2. jjinh

    Perhaps it was delivered to someone else at the household? If the tracking number says it has been delivered I'd be inclined to think that's the case (unless it's my deliveryman who's been known to leave my packages in open view to everyone on my driveway when no-one's home). If it goes to a dispute surely paypal would be on your side because of the tracking evidence. 
    By the way what's 'DC'?
  3. wuwhere Contributor


    Delivery Confirmation #, used by USPS.
  4. SoulSyde


    Unfortunately, without signature confirmation the package may have been left on a door step which meets the criteria for delivery confirmation for USPS, UPS and FedEx.  However, since you do have delivery confirmation I would say that you have a strong case to not have to reimburse him for the item.  
  5. virometal Contributor
    They're probably telling the truth. I would just refund the money and be done with it, unless there are some other warning signs. 
  6. SoulSyde


    Wow, that's really trusting your fellow man.  Maybe it's because I'm a New Yorker, but I don't trust anyone I don't know first.
  7. KimChee
    Does he live in an apt complex?  Sometimes they drop stuff off at the office
  8. lmf22
    I recently had a similar issue.  Delivery confirmation said it was delivered but I never got the package.  I live in an apartment complex with two building, and both buildings have the same apartment numbers (different house number).  My package was delivered to a neighbor in the building directly across from mine (same apartment number but different house number).  Fortunately the neighbor returned the package to me.  
  9. kool bubba ice
    He has 100% feedback. Over 300. He has yet to respond to my pm.. I c/p the tracking & asked if this was his correct address? If he just ends up giving me negative feedback he won't be getting his money. If he asks for as refund I will give it.. I did it once before, when the post office FUBARed two blu rays I sent to a customer.

  10. kool bubba ice
    He seems sincere & apologized for the 'trouble' he caused.. Seems very legit. I refunded him the money, & I am sending him a free game. Soul Calibur 4. Customer satisfaction is my number #1 concern. & take my feedback very seriously. Once the PO FUBARed two Blu rays I sold to a customer on Ebay. I could have easily took the easy way out. I could have said it was out of my hands. It was the post office fault.. Which is true, but I don't work that way. After he shipped me the BR's back I sent him a refunded shipping included. He posted two very positive responses. I do this cause that is what I would want other sellers to do to me. Once I paid a seller twice. The person was kind enough to notify me ASAP & returned my money.
  11. Alc Jr
    Very trustworthy for eBay. I hope this guy is sincere since you've been too nice!
  12. revolink24



    Indeed. If only all of eBay were this generous. That said I haven't yet had a bad experience on eBay.
  13. kool bubba ice
    I know. I try to think positive.

  14. krmathis Contributor
    I would first send him a screenshot of the tracking where you see it has been delivered on the 20th.
    Then contact USPS if he still insist that he have not received it.

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