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ebay: myheadfi

  1. thecrow
    Wondering if anyone knows anything about "myheadfi seller on ebay"

    who or what they are

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  2. Trifter
    Recently bought a pair of Andromeda’s off him on March 28th and I should be getting them in the mail very shortly. In communication he was very professional and helpful so I can let you know when I receive my andromeda’s if they were as advertised.
  3. thecrow
    I’m wondering if it’s an outlet or retailers to use to sell returned products

    I started thinking hifimam as there is a lot from there but there is a lot more

    I can’t see any negative reviews anywhere so you should be fine - I’m just curious

    Do let us know how you go

    Was there any warranty attached?
  4. Trifter
    Yeah honestly not sure what they are, they have lots of high end equipment such as the utopia, huge 2, etc. It seems like only one guy deals with selling from the eBay account and his names Vance. Are you looking to get anything from him? And will do!
  5. thecrow
    I’m just curious. I came across it when looking at some hifiman gear.

    But when it comes to conpanies like hifiman and audeze and focal then warranty is very important to me - even if it is only for 12 months
  6. Trifter
    Ah, sorry I forgot about your question for the warranty. There was no warranty included, but he told me if there was ever any issues with the product to let him know and he would try to help me out.
  7. Trifter
    Hey there! Sorry it took me so long to reply back, I just received my andromeda’s today as there ended up being a delay with shipping on the way to where I live. Anyway, the IEM’s are exactly as he described and they’re near perfect condition. All accessories were included etc. Vance kept me updated with the shipping through the entire process and personally went down to the shipping centre to confirm that they weren’t lost during shipping and gave me an estimate of when I should be receiving them. Would highly recommend him if you’re looking into buying something.
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  8. Kenneth Galang
    gonna buy his dx220 then :))
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  9. iBo0m
  10. Rockwell75
    Props to this guy...I ordered an Anole VX from him and it was at my door as advertised exactly one week after I placed the order. Great seller-- very helpful and communicative, would definitely buy from him again.
  11. Giullian
    Just about to buy an IEM from him. Will update you guys soon.
  12. Damz87
    Bought Andromeda S from myheadfi via their eBay store. Vance was great to deal with and the andro’s are perfect. I’m a very happy customer and definitely recommend myheadfi.

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