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ebay Find... From the Chocolate & Peanut Butter Folks... Enjoy.

  1. ProjectDenz
    The ER-6i has been superseded by better Etymotic iems in that same price range, that also have an inline mic (ie the HF2 and HF3).
  2. soundstige
    Horrible deal. The HF3 sounds better, isolates better, has a mic or whatever, and is only around $90 used.
  3. AstroTurf
    Are those HF3s anything like the pair you got for sale in your Sig? Broken/Non working Mic too?
    It's just a cool concept, Jim
  4. ProjectDenz

  5. soundstige
    Are you implying something?
  6. AstroTurf
    Look Ladies, I am not asking for headset advice.

    Just a unique observation.

    (not all threads require a response)

  7. soundstige
    I'm actually a male, not a female.
  8. AstroTurf

    Oops, Sorry bout that.

    Have a Good One, Jim
  9. basketball
  10. AstroTurf
    Come on now...

    I never intended this thread to be an offense to anyone.

    I just thought that the concept of an ER6 plus Apple tech was pretty Kewl.

    I am sorry if I hurt anyone.

  11. AstroTurf
    One has sold, only one left.
    Same seller as is listed in the original linky...
    PS Who bought it? How bout a review?
  12. AstroTurf
    The Seller has two more listed...
  13. dziendobry
    LOL from http://www.ebay.com/itm/White-Apple-Etymotic-ER6i-Headset-Mic-Remote-Compatible-with-iPhone-4-4S-/271007771708?pt=US_Headphones&hash=item3f19526c3c#ht_1991wt_1274
    3. What about Etymotic's New HF2 or HF3 headsets?
    The HF2s and HF3s are sonically identical to the ER6i, but bulkier, less comfortable, more expensive and don't come with Comply tips. If you don't mind the bulk or the price, then the HF2s or HF3s will work for the older models of iPhone, however the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S have a problem with the microphone on both HF2 and HF3 headsets. Apple built a new "feature" into the iPhone 4 and 4S, which transmits sound from the microphone into the headset during a call. This is barely noticeable using the microphone on the Apple cable assembly, but the overly-sensitive microphones on the HF2 and HF3 headsets cause a loud amplification of any ambient background noise, to the point where it can become impossible to take a call in a noisy environment.
    Nonetheless interesting find, thanks for sharing. I remember somewhere online that offered to re-cable the er6i using the apple ibuds cable and remote.  I know there is an old thread around here somewhere on re-cabling the er6i.  
  14. AstroTurf
    Dang, 2 more sold...
    Who is this guy, and would this be something worth picking up?
    Your opinions please. Keep in mind that this would not be a daily driver for me. But more of a collectors piece.
    Thanks, Jim

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