Ebay does it again!!
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Well I have not listed on eBay for awhile now either and do not really wish to until something changes for the better. From my understanding, Paypal is now required to be listed on all auctions and this on top of the whole holding payment/funds for a given amount of time. I have been burned twice in the past from shady buyers utilizing Paypal, and after tactics that yield buyercentric and favorable outcomes with claims that are unfounded..and each time lost out when the item was as described and buyer confirmed receipt.

I am a Powerseller myself, and am trying to use Amazon, CL, and Gon more for my sales. I am against Paypal for selling, and still use it to buy small stuff, as other members have already posted. Strange times on the 'Bay..wonder the outcome in the future for this former auction site heading towards open-face based commerce site like an Amazon, etc.
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Following up on what Currawong said: on Yahoo! Japan's auctions, practically all sellers require payment via bank transfers. Then again, Japan is by and large a cash economy. In the U.S., payments by bank transfer are the exception rather than the rule. Heck, the U.S. government seems to think that any large cash transaction is suspicious, and does its best to make it as difficult as possible for people to use cash, especially for large purchases. A lot of people only pay for things with their credit cards in the U.S., which makes Paypal somewhat useful for sellers who don't already have their own credit card processing methods. Are credit cards prevalent in Australia, or is cash the primary method of payment?

Credit cards are used a a lot, but direct deposit/bank transfer via the web or over the bank counter are also used quite a bit for ebay payments in Australia. The direct deposit has NO fees.


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PayPal is going to, if they haven't already, get hit with a huge class action suit. Amongst other things they do, they sit on your money for days after a transfer, even though they get the money instantly. A pretty nutty way for a company based in California, with its multitude of consumer protection laws, to operate.

WePay is actually registered in Bern in Switzerland.

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I don't get these rants. If you don't like eBay or PayPal, don't use it. eBay is a commercial company that happens to own a Payment site as well. I don't blame them for trying to make an extra buck since they paid a gazillion for PayPal anyway. It's not like there are no alternatives. I use PP regularly and prefer it when dealing with Chinese sellers for instance. It's a pain transfering money to Hong Kong and China and it's much more expensive to wire the money across. Having said that, eBay Singapore is still a free site so I don't pay for posting.

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