Easy Bose IEM Improvement.
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Jul 12, 2014
The first set of IEMs I bought (way back in 2005/2006) were the original Bose. Thought they were a step up from the Apple earbuds but have never really been happy with the fit or the sound.

Picked up some Comply T400 memory foam ear tips for my Sound Magic IEMs and discovered thar they will also fit (although not stated on the Comply website) the original Bose IEM.

Tried all three sizes (S/M/L) and am amazed at the difference. I settled on the small tips as having the best balance and clarity (at the expense of some isolation). The medium and large tips were too tilted toward the bass registers and did not render the highs with the same clarity - seemed to suppress the upper harmonics and 'air'.

Bottom line: more comfortable, more secure fit, better isolation, improved sound. These definitely moved up in my estimation using the small Comply T400.

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