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EarWerkz, a new CIEM company, discussion thread

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  1. LionPlushie
    I don't see your name in the list of backers. [​IMG]
    Is your name Shane?
  2. kova4a
    That's because due to his nickname you expect him to be called Shane and not Shawn for instance.
  3. shotgunshane Contributor
    Lol, I'm a backer but yeah Shane is a nickname.
  4. FlySweep
    I really don't need another IEM.. especially a "neutral" leaning one.. but this one interests me a lot.. and for the price, it seems like a fairly safe gamble.
    Yep.. I have been known to go by Johnny.. only on the weekends!  [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] 
  5. Dinerenblanc
    So your real name is Shotgun?
  6. Stereodude
    First name Shot, last name Gun.
  7. Idsynchrono_24
    His middle name is Gunther actually. Us peeps just call him Gun for short
    lol, tell me about it. I talked to SGS about it earlier and it seems like a really, really nice phone for the money. Workmanship seems stellar as well. SGS said the EP-2 demo was tiny when he got ahold of it. Smaller than the ASG-2, so I'm hoping for a really comfy phone here.
    Speakin of which... Still on the look out for those G-1+ impressions btw [​IMG] 
  8. gyx11
    Usually when backing crowdfunded stuff, I'm a little wary of what's at the end of the tunnel. For some reason, I'm actually really confident that Supra will turn out great. This'll be my last audio purchase of the year (not like I can afford to make more anyway), and I couldn't be more satisfied with it.
  9. Dinerenblanc
    Well, part of that confidence comes from the fact that they know exactly what they're going to do to produce these IEMs. Whereas 1964 ADEL only showed a series of 3D mock ups, EarWerkz is already pouring molds. I mean, it's essentially their CIEM with a universal tip, so it's nothing incredibly special. There's no real risk in terms of design and production. I honestly don't think they need Kickstarter to fund this project. I believe they're simply using it as a way to market their new line of universals, which is smart, cause if they launched their universals normally, they will get little to no press. This way, they're essentially marketing their product for free & making sales before its even ready for consumers. 
    gyx11 likes this.
  10. MuZo2
    Thats what I though after seeing the video.
  11. Stereodude
    So, based on the updated color listing on the KickStarter page I'll probably do blue with black face plates.
  12. Dinerenblanc

    I'm doing a clear face with an emerald shell. I love the color green.
  13. Idsynchrono_24
    Going with black faceplates with either blue or orange shells for a Tron-esque look. Although after talking to SGS I may cancel altogether and opt for a pair of Legends. I dunno 
  14. Dinerenblanc

    If you're going to spend that kind of money, shouldn't you just get a pair of Kaisers? It wouldn't cost much more than the Legends when Noble runs their Black Friday promotion.
  15. Idsynchrono_24
    I'm looking for a reference monitor that could potentially displace the UERM. Trusted ears tell me that the K10 is not what I'm lookin for.
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