Eartips that have changed everything for me... SednaEarfit Xelastec
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I've been on this forum for ages .... I've bought amd sold many iem's ... bought just about every eartip i could lay my hands on
Finals, Spinfits, Mandarins and many many more .... got a small box on my desk that's packed full of tips that i've tried.

Not once have i found a combination of IEM + tip that would stay in my ear.... i even bought some custom molded eartips about 6 months ago but they've already started to work loose on the IEM's they were mounted on making them really hard to get in.

On the back of an Oluv video i commented about how difficult it was to fit .... someone replied and said they had similar problems .... i bought some .... and my god it's the first time in years that i can wear a set of IEM's, feel like they're "in there" with a proper seal, i can shake my head and they do not budge 1mm.

SednaEarfit Xelastec .... they're a weird gel like TPE ... very very soft, very grippy ... you get them seated and it feels like they're hugging your ear canals. They don't come out lightly ... i can tug gently on the IEM and they're still holding my ear so you cannot just yank these out in a second...
I've never had an ear tip that didn't just fall out at the very slightest tug

If you've struggled with fit and stability i can only suggest try these ... i'm not sponsored / paid or anything .... i shelled out £25 for a 3 pack (3 sizes) from Amazon to get them ... nothing else ... but they're worth every penny... will be buying more in the size.

Time to crack out the Qudelix and enjoy music again!


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I agree with everything written, even I after countless attempts to try to find the right tips for me, going from stock tips, almost all SpinFit and Final Audio models, none of these wanted to stay fixed in my ears forcing me to constantly reposition them during my walks, needless to say it was practically impossible to get them to stay in position during the sport, the only ones among them were the SpinFit CP145, but I was still not satisfied.

I also bought Xelastic Sedna Earfit and they stick to my ears whatever I do.

The sound is also much better than all the other tips I've tried. As for me, they are the end game tips.

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