Eartips for Harman Kardon 720
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Nov 1, 2012
I'm sure there is some kind of comply tips that would fit. i dont know anything about your iem but i do know that comply sells 4 different boar sizes. those sizes are
Small nozzles: 100 series (T/Tx/Ts)
Medium nozzles: 200 series (T/Tx/Ts)
Large nozzles: 400 series (T/Tx/Ts)
Very large nozzles: 500 series (T/Tx/Ts)
I only know this because i was just recently doing some research on tips as well. Another option would be shure olives. They are supposedly able to fit any iem. With modification of course. I hope this helps. and keep in mind that all the comply tips are foam. as are the Shure olives.
Again, Hope this helps!
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Feb 28, 2011
[size=11.0pt] Hello![/size]
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[size=11.0pt] Our Engineers have not yet tested the Harmon Kardon 720 earphones for compatibility with our tips, so for now I wouldn't be able to recommend which of our Comply™ Tips would be a good fit.[/size]
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[size=11.0pt] We actually purchase and test each earphone model that we have listed as compatible on our website.  More than diameter will determine fit and retention for tips to devices.  The material that the sound port is made of, if it has a “cuff” or a groove, if it tapers, domes, bells, is all or partially plastic, metal, wood or other material ….. all of this plays a part in how our tips fit. [/size]
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[size=11.0pt] I did request that we add the Harmon Kardon 720 earphones to our list of earphones to purchase and test, so please check in with us.  Once a device has been purchased, it can take approximately 2-4 weeks for receive and test an earphone.[/size]
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[size=11.0pt] Best Regards![/size]
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[size=11.0pt] Mary @ ComplyFoam[/size]

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