Earthquake in England
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Aug 15, 2007
I know its nowhere near as big as the ones you get across the pond, but it's the biggest one in 25 years.

Woke me up, i wondered what was going on, then went back to sleep. Then got about 5 drunken phone calls from mates across the country all recounting their stories. Was rather funny.

5.2 on the richter scale apparently.

BBC NEWS | England | Earthquake hits much of England
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A 5.2 is a decent shaker, still. Glad to hear injuries and damage were limited.

We're overdue for one here in Los Angeles. There hasn't been a stiff one since 1994 and they usually come along more often than that.
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Earthquakes aren't usually all that bad in the South Bay area, are they? Everyone keeps talking about earthquakes like they're looking forward to them here.


We do look forward to them!

They're not so bad in the South Bay, so far, at least. I've never seen anything more than cracks in chimneys and foundations. Don't think anyone has been seriously injured, let alone killed.
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Several years ago there was a small earthquake in the Chicago area (I lived in Buffalo Grove, just north of Chicago). It was late at night and I might have been drunk because I noticed the house shaking but I was listening to music and I didn't really pay attention to it. Then my dad came downstairs and said it woke him up and my brother said that too. A friend of mine that lives a few miles away IMed me and was like "the strangest thing just happened" and he said he felt it too. Earthquakes pretty much never happen in this area.
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Was on headfi of all places on a typical work overnight hotel stay (near Standsted airport). Made me jump as it felt like someone sneaked up behind me and wobbled the seat. I went to bed feeling a little spooked. Next morning people in the hotel were talking about the earthquake....

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