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Eartech Music Quint ciems

  1. Dizzle77
    I've wanted a pair of ciems for a little while, but admittedly the ones I've wanted have been beyond my budget. Recently I stumbled across a company called Eartech Music and after several email exchanges with Richard, I decided to place an order and send off my impressions a few days ago.

    Before deciding to go with them, I trawled the interwebs for as much information as I could find about the company and products. I did find some helpful pieces, but admittedly not that much. After speaking to Richard who I think is the manager, he was able to answer all my questions with clear and speedy responses, so I decided to take the plunge and order the Quint.

    I just wanted to know if anyone else has the Quint or any experience of products from this company? I'd certainly never heard of them until recently, but they've been operationg for a while it seems.
  2. Wiljen
    I live about 25 minutes from their building and have had the good luck to speak with both Richard and Seth pretty extensively. I am going to photo document the build of my quint here in the coming weeks and will post pictures of the build.

    A bit of background on Eartech. They are first and foremost a Audiology company and not a headphone company. Their founder also founded the ETSU medical school's Audiology program and his daughter has since graduated as an doctor of audiology and the two of them run the medical practice. They either make or program a ton of various hearing aid type devices. There is a differentiation between what qualifies as a hearing aid and what is a hearing assistance device from an insurance pov that they will be quick to tell you about but I am not knowledgeable about where the borders lie.

    The earphone business is a relatively new part of the business to them and they have focused on serving the local community of musicians with stage monitors. Lots of the churches in the area use them as their 3 driver custom is often less expensive than bigger names universals.

    I'll post more when I have some pictures. Might be cool to see if we could get a tour going someday with a couple of universals since they don't seem to be seen very often.
  3. Dizzle77
    As they're relatively new to the earphone business it kind of makes sense why there is little in terms of reviews/posts about their ciems. Also explains why there isn't that much detailed information about their ciems. During my email exchange with Richard he did send me some frequency responses to help make my decision. I do feel that this information should really be on the website though and they should add more details about the ciems. In the long run this would probably help cut down the amount of email enquiries they get and may also attract more customers if detailed information can easily be found on their website. That said I felt that Richard was more than happy to answer all the many questions I threw at him and always responded promptly with an answer :)

    Really good that they've allowed you visit and take photos of your build. I had a brief chat with Seth who is building my ciems and asked him if he could take some photos for me during the build process as this is my first set of ciems. He kindly obliged, but stated that they wouldn't be able to send photos of everything as certain parts would contain sensitive information, which I fully understand. Definitely interested to see any photos that you put up on here. How far in the process are yours?
  4. Wiljen
    I've got moulds done and am spending a day onsite the week after the 4th if all the details line up to do the build. I went with a clear shell with the translucent Hunter green face so all the internals should be as visible as possible. I've been waiting to get my lens back from a repair / cleanup so I have my best Macro focus lens for this. I posted a couple picks in the Magaosi thread the other night where I got it back and was playing a bit.

    I agree that they are not doing a lot to promote themselves to audiophiles via the website. FR charts and specs like bi-pin or mmcx, pin sizes for bi-pin (.75 or .78) (they are .78 btw), impedance ratings etc. would be helpful.

    I was also talking to Seth and they can reshell about anything that is all BA and prices were pretty reasonable ($250) but I found no reference to that service on their site at all.
  5. Dizzle77
    The reshell price is tempting. All going well i’d quite like to reshell my 64audio U8, but not sure if that would be possible with the ADEL tech. I may speak to them about that to guage their thoughts.

    I changed my mind a few times with choosing the design. I knew I wanted something translucent as I wanted the internals to be visible. Ended up going with graphite shells and faceplates.
  6. Dizzle77
    You manage to get onsite? I heard from Seth earlier today. He's trimmed down my impressions and should hopefully start making my shells later this week. He'll be forwarding on some photos when possible. Can't wait :)
  7. Wiljen
    Eartech1.jpg Eartech2.jpg

    More to come once I get some writing done. Cable is my addition as I wanted balanced and they only have single ended cable options at present. They came out great though.
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  8. Dizzle77
    They look fantastic!! The green really goes well with the clear shells. I was originally going for a similar combo, but with a solid sea foam faceplate.

    Looking forward to the write up. Be good to know your thoughts on build quality, fit and of couse sound!
  9. Wiljen
    Build quality is phenomenal. I spent nearly 9 hours on site and can tell you there is not a corner cut. All hand work, all hand polished and shaped. Seth that does most of the shells is an artist in acrylic and Richard that does the electronics side flat knows his stuff. We put the new quint on the FR test system along side several I brought in and the only thing flatter I saw all day was their triple. Even the B400 I took in was more V shaped and less extended on both ends by a good bit than the quint. I had a couple high end's to compare against ($1200+ each although both are in fairness universals since they are on loan) last night, and I would take the detail level and the sound signature of the quint over either. Way way underpriced for what you are getting. I would say the quint is truly high end in sound and build with a mid-grade sticker price and probably one of the better values I have come across. Now if they would just make it in a universal so more people would try it.
  10. Dizzle77
    have to say it's great how they're just fine with you hanging out with them. They sound like a good bunch and a team that works well together. This will all probably come in your write up, but how is the fit? I assume absolutely perfect? good isolation?

    I'm really itching to get my hands on these.
  11. Wiljen
    Fit couldn't be any better, they disappear after a minute or two and you don't know they are there until you get ready to remove them. Isolation is on par with the best I have tried and markedly better than most. One of the nice things about hanging out for the day was we got to test fit more than you do when you send moulds so I had that advantage where fit is concerned. I have no doubt Seth would fix any fit issues you find (And probably wont need to as he has now made better than 400 pairs of shells as close as we could figure) but it might take a trip back and forth via Fedex since you don't have the advantage of trying them on during the build like I did.
  12. Wiljen
  13. Wiljen
    Build write up is ready to go, just getting final sign offs to make sure I didnt mis-state anything. Should have it up early next week.
  14. Dizzle77
    Nice review and I like how you added some background to the company. Out of interest the song that you mentioned that the imaging was jaw dropping expansive - what song was it?

    I received my Quints on Thursday. I’ve only had limited time to try them out, but i’m impressed with the sound. I do have some issues with the fit though, so had to send them back for adjustment. With the right ear i feel some slight discomfort. I’ve let them know, so hopefully they have enough information to make slight adjustments.

    I kind of expected this to happen as is the case with ciems. I would have been more surprised if they were perfect out the box. Hopefully it wont be too long before I get them back.
  15. Wiljen
    The track was I'm so lonesome I could cry off the Cowboy Junkies Trinity Sessions. The entire album was recorded with a single mic in the Trinity Church in Toronto Canada so you get all the reflections and echos and it sounds incredible.
    Another worth trying is Keith Richards Runnin Too Deep off his Main offender album. Really crazy good. Funny thing is the album was recorded in three or four different studios with different engineers and some tracks are good while others (like Runnin) are fantastic.

    Others will tell you to use Roger Waters Amused to Death and it does have a lot going on but is a Q-sound recording meaning a lot of the sense of space was artificially added and any slight movement of a speaker will cause phase issues so I tend to avoid it.

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