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Earsonics introduces a new line: V2 universals

  1. Geruvah
    Their newest line seems to be the same guts but now with replacable cable.
  2. DaBomb77766
    -replies to this thread just to make you feel better-
    Actually, I really dig the picture embedded in the post here.  This thread wins, hands-down. :p
    It'd probably attract more attention if you'd changed the title, to be honest.
  3. Inks
    Interesting, I only thought the SM3 had the change due to the other thread.
    I wonder how the SM1 will be like, if the price gets really accessible it can be quite the competitor. 
  4. Pasiasty
    At last! Replaceable cable is what I need. I don't like the new look but the cable thing is a blessing. Unfortunatelly, they're quite expensive. I wish Earsonics would give a discount for older version's owners.
  5. nickie
    I heard they will do a upgrade for 37€ if you bought yours longer than 3 months ago else its free :)
  6. Rip N' Burn
    Not no more. Earsonics has changed their policy. It will be 60 euros for the reshell and replaceable cable regardless of whether it was purchased within the last 3 months.
  7. IanM
    Are there any reviews or feedback for the original Earsonics SM1 (or whatever the previous entry level earphones were called)? I guess there must be some French language ones, but nothing on Head-Fi or the English language review sites that are written by a few of the regular posters here?
    Also, is there a UK retailer for Earsonics? Hand Held Audio appear to have dramatically reduced their range to include only the Earsonics customs.
  8. Gilly87
    Bump, curious about the SM1.
  9. ItsMeHere


    I have them and I really love them.
  10. Gilly87

    Awesome, thanks :)

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