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Earsonics ES5 impressions thread!

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  1. justrest

    Nice setup.
    Also, could you compare with your Velvet?
  2. DHXD
    As a current EM32 owner & have just tried the new ES5 in Akihabara, I'd say the ES5.
  3. JohannLiebert
    How did you find the ES5?
  4. DHXD
    If you were asking me, E-Earphone Akiba (4F) is the only place in Japan where the ES5 demo is available afaik.
  5. JohannLiebert
    I was trying to ask you if you liked the ES5 or not. Sorry for the language barrier :wink:
  6. DHXD
    Aww damn, I just realized what you meant :\

    ES5 is more "meaty" than the Velvet, but this doesn't affect the resolution and details overall. Vocal and instruments on ES5 feel 3D-ish, positioning is easy to recognize, and a little wider sound stage and more controlled bass than EM32 (EM32's bass is it's what makes it stands out from its brothers but sometimes the bass is excessive for certain music types IMO)

    All of the things mentioned above combined together creates an enjoyable yet non-exhausting hearing experience. I'd definitely recommend this model if you are looking for an update from the ES2, ES3, and Velvet.

    This is my first attempt writing down my thoughts about an earphone in English, I hope you guys like it.
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  7. craigcpj
    IMG_20180301_153721.jpg IMG_20180301_153822.jpg Battery: Mophie powerstation 22.2 WH
    Amp: iBasso P5 Falcon
    DAP: Cayin N5ii
    uIEM: Earsonics ES5

    The Cayin delivers the signal beautifully clean with air and space , fast and detailed with clarity and class.


    The P5 Falcon is deep dark and rich with the amps and buffers inside. Without flavoring the signal too much, the room that the Falcon provides the signal adds a bold luxury to the signal that makes the experience more visceral and present.

    So now with that slightly textured signal the ES5 from Earsonics provides beautiful and immediate replication and presentation of the recording. A wide deep space combined with rich fully present tones puts you in the middle of a soundstage that let's sound and instruments flow into each other and blend , making for an immersive experience with slight bass emphasis.... But a very mature progression from the house sound of the past with the Velvets.... A perfect evolution. Can't wait to get my balanced cables!

    My favorite way to jam on the road. Best IEM I've heard and can be driven with anything.... The soundstage gets deeper and cleaner with power.

    Much love
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  8. JohannLiebert
    Coming from PP8 and some other mid forward IEMs the ES5 indeed does more relaxed in the midrange. Not as relaxed as AKT8ie in the mids though, vocals seem a little bit more forward on the ES5.
    The ES5 has a light V-shaped with a sub-bass emphasize. I would say the V-Shape is pronounced as much as the PP8 with both switches on, so very gentle V-Shape
    While the earsonics has more subbass rumble than the PP8, the PP8 goes deeper showing better technicalities( minimal though, both are very high level).

    I wouldn't dare to call the ES5 bright. Treble extension is very good, isn't as airy as Andromeda but at the same time never approaches sharpness. Treble tuning is spot and I would rank them besides the PP8 and Andromeda as the best I've heard in an IEM.
    Soundstage expansion is somewhere between PP8 and Andromeda, leaning more on the Andromeda size which is HUGE, with good imaging and depth.

    To sum it up the ES5 is definitely worth its price and an IEM to consider. If you are looking for a well tuned IEM without treble roll-off and any mean peaks and sharpness, then the ES5 might be the one you are looking for.
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  9. Raketen
    For me the ES5 is one of those IEMs that only sound right within a relatively narrow volume range.At a good volume, I agree the v-shape does not seem steep, but at lower volumes I think the mids can become recessed sounding.
    I have a habit of listening at low volumes so I do find the 'good volume' threshold is sometimes louder than i'd like - having very precise volume control helps a lot (a little unfortunate becasue they otherwise sound quite good with phone & streaming)

    Overall I agree these are rather dynamic/engaging fairly versatile iem (if a little eccentric).
    Last edited: Mar 11, 2018
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  10. JohannLiebert
    I listen to them on my smartphones at 50%. Here in the EU they are all volume capped, so they all kinda have the same power. Just as a reference.
    I*ve been listening 3 days straight to them. Gotta take out my PP8 soon to further evaluate their sound =)
    My only caveat so far is that they lack a bit bass body, but making it up with a lovely subbass. They are fairly versatile but I would say they excel at certain genres like electronic and and orchestral music.
    Pop music often sounds thin with them, if that is what one is listening most of the time to, then a warmer sounding IEM would serve better.

    Does anyone know what kind of material the housing is made of? Plastic or acrylic? I can't really tell.
  11. openbaffle9978
    I got a chance to listen to the ES5 this past month and I was very impressed. I was able to directly compare with the ES3 and S-EM9. To me the ES5 was the most comfortable fit (ES3 was a close second, couldn't get a good seal with the EM9, but didn't have a ton of time to exchange tips etc.). Excellent isolation as well. Tuning of the ES5 was to my liking vs the ES3. Enough weight and mid-bass presence to sound fun without getting in the way of the treble. A great-sounding universal for sure.
    Last edited: Jul 1, 2018
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  12. Colors
    The ES5 is very nice. I demo’d it briefly and I loved the vocals and sense of space accentuated by the treble. Sub-bass extension was deep too and the quantity was ok. Also, very comfortable and isolation is not bad.
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  13. JohannLiebert
    Isolation is very good with biflanges and biflanges in fact sound the best with them. Spiral dots are too big and Spinfits make them sound kinda sharp.
    They are one of the few IEMs which have way more depth than width, creating a very special soundstage. Great that they get some love here and I think they truly shine with Orchestras, Movie / Movie Osts and Rock music but I prefer a warmer signature like Oriolus which is why I let them go.
  14. openbaffle9978
    I had experienced excellent isolation with the single flange tips when testing out the ES5. Unfortunately the dual flanges do not work well in my right ear, so I can speak to that. I concur that the depth of these is pretty exceptional wrt to soundstage.
  15. pseudomagick
    Any comparsion ES-5 vs InEar StageDiver SD-5?
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