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  1. Ahmad313
    It's a good news,
    Please make sure a comparison with Andromeda, i am dying to see a brief comparison between the two , thanks in advance ,
  2. sly_in_the_sky
    Hello Ahmad,

    I don’t have the Andromeda, so except by making extrapolations, it will be difficult to compare both I guess.
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  3. sly_in_the_sky
    Here is myquick review about the new Earsonic's release, the SE5.

    I don't want to speak too much about the package, the design and quality of these Iem's, I think that my picture speaks by themself. All I can say is that they feel solid, the shell is like the Velvet or the Se2 and 3. They are quite tinny and really confortable.

    I made my impressions using them with my Hidizs ap60 and my Mojo Chord. The Se5 are really easy to drive, they take just a little margin of benefit when plugged in the Mojo. The Ap 60 drive them really easily....

    General impressions:

    The first impression that comes in mind when you first listen to them is the fact that they are really balanced, transparents, lively, dynamic, airy, detailled and 3d Iems. They remind me a lot of the Sem9 that I don't have anymore.


    Incredible layered, controlled and fast bass... They present a very textured bass, very detailled and airy with many rumble in the sub bass when music call for it. Extentions are beautifull and natural. Slams hard also when music call for it... There´s a good quantity of bass and sub-bass but not enough to call them bass-head Iems. For example, the Em32 has much more sub-bass and bass, perhaps to much sometimes. I'll say that the quantity of bass is on par with the Sem9 and the Em10.


    Mediums are very organics, natural, beautiful and lively. They have more "meat" than the Em32, a little bit more than the Sem9 but less than the Em10. Voices seems mor clear on the SE5 than the Em10, the Em10 have more weight in the lower medium, giving the impression to have more substance. Timbres are realistics, detailled. Low medium hits hard when needed... transition between medium and high is sweet but energic, more energic than the Em10, perhaps at the level of the Em32.... but never sound harsh or sibilant...


    Incredibly energic, sparkly but sweets, precise, detailed... more sweet than the Em32. Extensions are realistic, organics, with endless cymbals... They sometimes remind me of the HD 800s treble.


    Very 3d like. Soundstage is quite large with lot of depth, layering is quite impressive. Everything seems coherent but I must admit that in this regard, even if I like this kind of imaging for some types of music, the Em10 are perhaps less 3d but presents things in an even more coherent way. The SE5 have an "out of the head" presentation, like if you were listening to an opened headphone. It sometimes remind me of my HD 800s. Soundstage is bigger than the Em32, specially the depth.

    Instrument separation is incredible... but still coherent. The air between instruments give a sense of coherence, musicality and unity. When difficult tracks are played, the SE5 is capable of managing everything with quite authority, without difficulty.


    I think that the SE5 are a kind of mixture between technicity and musicality...I would say that it shares some technical strength of the Sem9 and some musical strength of the Em10. It stands between the two... It's a kind of cameleon, capable to play all kind of music, from Jazz, to electro, classic, rock... without any problem... To me, one of the best ES Iem... When comparing to the Sem9 price wise, I will probably go with the Se5. It shares the 95% of Sem9 capacity in a little bit more musical way. Almost to my ears... BRAVO Earsonics!
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  4. sly_in_the_sky
  5. sly_in_the_sky
  6. Ahmad313
    Any information about an discount on Black Friday ,
  7. sly_in_the_sky
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  8. Ahmad313
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