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Earsonics EM4

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  1. le masseur aveugle
    Last product from Earsonics, new High ends custom iem EM4 :
    890 euros in EU :/
  2. miprasetya
    Wow, not in head sounds? how they do that
  3. Br777
    son of a - !  well i just ordered UM miracles, no turning back now...
  4. Girls Generation
    I'm not too sure how this will sound... I wonder if it'll extend really deep like the Merlin.
  5. Aero Dynamik
    Had just ordered the EM3-PROs, saw the announcement, phoned them and changed my order in the nick of time. They were still waiting for my ear impressions. Sigh of relief...[​IMG]

    This was the first time I called them, they (EarSonics) were extremely friendly and service minded, and even though a French company, they speak English!

    Guess I'll have them in my ears in a couple of weeks! [​IMG]
  6. Girls Generation
    Does anyone have a clue how it'll sound? Or at least a vague comparison between it and the EM3 pro?
  7. miprasetya
    Anybody knows how much is the price differences between em4 and em3 without the tax
  8. Heret1c

    Lucky you!! Hope to hear some impressions once you get them!! [​IMG]

    According to the ES website, EM3-Pro is 627.09 Euros w/o tax and EM4 is 744.15 Euros w/o tax.
  9. le masseur aveugle


    Franck Lopez told me that one the most noticeable point is the soundstage, they really try to make it sound like headphone. This model is particular because one its transducer (medium if i remenber) is actually more open than the others, so the shell is full for three transducers, and empty for the last one.
  10. RockaRolla

    sounds interesting!
    I'm not sure if other customs makers do this kinda things, can't wait for impressions!
  11. dyl1dyl
  12. NobleSix
    man i just ordered a JH16 [​IMG]
  13. SolidVictory


    What's wrong with that? Would you consider the EM4 even without any reviews on it? I think it's wise to wait until we have some well written reviews on the EM4 before anyone splurges on it.
  14. Guidostrunk
    I'm taking one for the team on the EM4, will post my thoughts in average-joes customs thread when i get them. [​IMG]

  15. NobleSix


    Theres notthing wrong [​IMG] its just dat ive put lots of time into researching and asking questions to many people and just when i finally decided to get the JH16, another contender dat i couldve put into my considerations came. I loved my SM3 and im 70-80% sure dat ill love the sound of the EM4s hahaa[​IMG]
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