Earsonics: coming soon...

  1. sly_in_the_sky

    Earsonics is anouncing a new product...

    From the picture, I really don't know what it is... perhaps the faceplate of a new Iem?

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  2. San Man
    Looks like a can
  3. Ahmad313
    Looks like a full size headphone,
  4. sly_in_the_sky
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  5. sly_in_the_sky

    Incredibly little....
  6. mxroadie
    Nice and dainty like the A&K Xb10 but with integrated cables. Would love to hear your impressions, especially degradation (if any) when compared to a dedicated player
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  7. sly_in_the_sky
    2.jpg 3.jpg
  8. sly_in_the_sky
    Hope to listen to it one day....
  9. sly_in_the_sky

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