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Ears drain clear fluid EVERY TIME I eat :(

  1. serman005
    This happens to me when I have an upper respiratory infection only. Guess I am quite lucky.
  2. ashleypsandoval
    This has happened to me for as long as I can remember! Anyone find a solution? Its seriously the worst!! I had three sets of tubes as a child and still have sinus problems today. I always assumed it was fluid draining from my tubes that might still be there.
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  3. Juliesodonewiththis
    The same thing started happening to me this month. Stumped 3 primary doctors so far and I have noticed the amount of draining with eating is increasing. I will definitely bring food to my next doctor appointment to prove it as suggested here! I have an ENT appointment in a month -- a friend who is a nurse recommended the doctor her and said she was very good. But based on the comments in this thread I am not too hopeful that there will be a diagnosis. I also shared with the same friend that I suspected I needed a neurologist based on an article (see link below) but she advised me not to go there. Any updates or other diagnosis that might be available? Here was the article: https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation-now/2017/05/15/leaking-brain-fluid/322609001/
  4. davisman
    My ears drain regularly, but nothing like you guys are suffering. I too have to keep q tips handy and sometimes it feels like the floodgates open and water is moving through my ear canals. I have pretty bad sinus issues and figured it was related. Im just lucky that I have clear drainage, my poor dad gets hard buildup that he has to scoop out.

    I came across a product on amazon that helped him out, but didnt do much for me. I think it is more for hard build up. Its called and elephant ear washer.

    But yea, that is why I haven't invested in quality IEMs. I use earrasers when I am on my motorcycle and I have to rebuild/replace the housing every few weeks. I could only imagine the damage that would do to IEMs.
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  5. Meshaboo
    Wow, thank you all so much for sharing, but I'm sad to hear that you also deal with this. I've long suspected that it could be a CSF leak, but I didn't want to look into it too much for some reason... I guess it's because it's been so difficult to get a doctor to even care enough to investigate. I just don't know what to do or who to go to anymore. I'm pissed yet feel defeated....
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  6. Kkim09
    I have had this exact problem for a year now. I am starting to figure out how to manage it. First thing you need to do is figure out what foods trigger it. It may seem all foods do, but start making changes and keep tract of what makes it worse vs. Better. For me food items high in sugar, salt, caffeine, & dairy trigger my ears to become filled with fluid. I switched cows milk to almond milk. I also can only eat bland cereals like rice crispies, chex mix. These types of cereals don't have added sugar. Making these changes are worth it because having fluid filled ears is miserable. Sometimes its hard to stick to the diet, but as soon as I give in and eat something that triggers it, my ears are filled with fluid.I also have seen Drs and ENT & they have never seen/heard of anything like it. If anyone tries this and it works let me know. I started seeing a correlation between what I ate and how my ears reacted to it. Its not all foods with sugar, salt, dairy,caffeine but if it's large amounts of it then it would trigger it.
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  7. Arm5078
    I've been trying to research this on and off for the last few years. Finally found this thread! I have the same thing, unfortunately. My ears drain when I wake up, go to bed, eat, drink beverages, and sometimes just randomly. Q-tips are my savior but I also wonder if using them started this problem in the first place. When I use my finger to "pop" or squish my ears, my husband can actually hear it. I've been thinking about recording the sound and showing it to the doctor so they can see what I mean. My father also has this same issue. Glad to see I'm not alone but disappointed to realize that there seems to be no answer as to why it happens or how to stop it. If anyone gets answers, please post!
  8. lee70
    I'm so happy to find this thread, also! Many of you have expressed the same frustrations that I have had the past 8 years. Also, many of you have it worse than I do, so I'm sorry. I started noticing that my ears were draining at night about 8 years ago. I mentioned it to my pcp, who waved it off as ear wax and suggested I stop using q-tips. It became worse, not better, so much drainage that my pillow has big wet spots each morning. I eventually convinced the pcp that I needed to see an ENT, but the ENT also dismissed it. By this time, the draining is happening during the day when upright, but it is random and not consistent, but as soon as I lay down it starts again. Because of severe migraines, my pcp ordered an mri, which detected fluid in the left mastoid. I was sent back to the ENT, who again considered the fluid in the mastoid insignificant, not connected to the draining, and told me to ignore the draining. When I told my pcp this, she suggested I see a different ENT, which I did. This second ENT did take it more seriously, but also did not discover where the fluid is coming from. I have a neurologist now for the migraines and because of a small aneurysm that was discovered during the mri, but he does not think the ear drainage has any connection to the migraines. I have stopped seeing the ENT because they have exhausted all testing and did not come up with an answer. Meanwhile, the fluid drainage from both ears continues and is super annoying. Meshaboo, you mentioned concern of a CSF leak, and I've wondered about this also. I have not mentioned this possibility to any of the doctors because I don't want to appear to be self-diagnosing. I know this isn't a solution any of you were hoping for - I was just so excited to commiserate with others who have been experiencing this. This is the first time I've found my peers, much needed validation found!

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