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Ears drain clear fluid EVERY TIME I eat :(

  1. Meshaboo
    This has been driving me crazy.
    I actually posted this in a post i created in the portable headphones forum in response to someone asking me why I don't like IEMs. I said that they make my ear canals irritated, but here is the bigger reason why:
    My ears actually run or drain whenever I eat :frowning2: I don't know why, my doctors don't believe me, and it's getting on my last nerve. It happens ALL day, even when I first wake up and brush my teeth. They drain when I'm cooking, and again when I eat and drink (even purified water!!!!!!). It is 99% clear fluid, and every once in a while it is light yellow.
    They sometimes itch when they drain, and I do have a habit of "popping" my ears (pulling my lobes down so the air pressure readjusts in the ear canals. This helps to relieve itching sometimes, but also helps the fluid come down when I want to clean them out). This has been happening for about 6 years now, but it's been getting much worse over this past year.
    None of my doctors (ENT, neurologist, allergist) believe me. Or, maybe they just don't want to understand it? I went to the neurologist for a different issue (chronic all- over my head headaches that have been reduced for the most part) and after I mentioned the ear issue, he asked me follow up questions. That's it... he never addressed my ears after that. I'm planning on seeing a new ENT in a few weeks (because my current for sure doesn't believe me. He said it was sweat. How imma sweat from inside my ears lmao??) and my allergist said it was allergies. Which is what I assumed it was all these years, but when I ask other severe allergy sufferers if they have draining ears, they look at me like I'm crazy (which I feel is legit).
    I used to get tons of ear infections as a child, but as I grew they went away. I never had surgery for my ears or sinuses before. I just have crazy severe sinus problems like allergies, and I also have asthma. I'm constantly congested and blow my nose alllllll day long.
    I have to keep Q-Tips with me 24/7 and I also have to make sure I'm near a bathroom when I eat so I can go and wipe my ears out. So this is a major reason why I don't use IEM as well... they used to get soaked and I hated having the draining feeling while having IEMs and even ear buds in. I haven't had the normal, thickish brown ear wax in my ears for a few years now. I ONLY use Q-Tips because of this draining problem. Otherwise I'd stay away from them and use other methods of cleaning because I know how dangerous they can potentially be.
    I REALLY need relief.
    Has anyone else heard of this??????????????????????
  2. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    Why not bring food to the doctor and demonstrate the issue by eating and then letting your ears run right in front of him/her? 
  3. Meshaboo

    I really have thought about doing this the next time I go in. I drank some water the last time I was at the ENT, before he checked my ears, but OF COURSE nothing happened then.
  4. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    Bring food and water. Don't bring spicy food as they might think it's just sweat, just in case it's a lot more than hyperactive sweat glands.
  5. serman005
    Retired surgeon here and I have not heard of this previously. That certainly does not mean it is not happening. There is much in medicine that even today remains a mystery. Only the cocky clinician thinks he/she knows everything. I agree with the others. You  need to actually demonstrate this to your ENT so he/she can see it with their own eyes. Then, you can get some relief. Good luck!
  6. Meshaboo

    Thank you very much!
  7. serman005

    Let us know how it turns out, please.
  8. Meshaboo

    I will, thank you. It might not be for a few weeks but I am definitely going to share what happens
  9. MrFlapjacks
    Oh mesh... It is a real thing.

    A number of causes sometimes all in tandem.

    1. Allergic or autoimmunity to foods. Happens when I eat root vegetables. Fluid in ears fill up, then drain out ears or down throat.

    2. Silent acid reflux. Affects the fluid in ears, nose and throat. Don't know why, but it does.

    3. Eustachian tube dysfunction or malfunction. Fluid can't drain down throat so it comes out your ears.

    There are more, but I find you have to have a combination of things for this to happen.

    Best bet is to stay away from foods then slowly reintroduce them to see what makes it worse.

    Get tubes in your ears, or find a doctor that has some other knowledge about this problem.

    Good luck.
  10. lamb-boy
    Hi, I just wanted to say I experience exactly the same thing as you. My ears drain a clear fluid whenever I wake up, eat, yawn, swallow, drink, pretty much anything. My ears also pop constantly and they always feel uncomfortable like I need to pop them too. When I was 10 I got tubes put my ears to drain the fluid trapped in my middle ear, but the random clear liquid draining has stayed there the whole time. Actually, a couple days ago I got another tube put into my right ear for the same reason and it is STILL draining. I went to the ear nose and throat doctor earlier this year because these ear problems were causing me a lot of discomfort and dizziness and he said the same thing to me. That my ears were sweating. I thought that was sort of ridiculous and he didn't offer me any sort of solution even if it was ear sweat. I've been reading a lot of forums online and it seems like a lot of people suffer from this but most doctors don't take it seriously which is really messed up because even though this seems like a minor problem, it is really annoying and bothersome in everyday life. I am embarrassed to eat out with people because my ears always drain and it feels so uncomfortable and itchy I have to excuse myself to swab them out lol.
    Did you end up finding a solution for this? I hope you read this! Thank you!!
  11. Meshaboo

    Omg hi!!! Wow, I am truly sorry that you’re also experiencing this, but I’m glad you shared your situation here! I wouldn’t have expected anyone to come back after two years! :p haha

    Unfortunately, it’s still the same. Some weeks it actually gets really bad, like if I eat something, I feel the warm fluid draining as if I had a runny nose. Ewww... and nope, I still haven’t found a doctor who cared enough to look into it any further. They take a peak, say “oh your ears are completely clean and dry” and shoo me out of the office. I’m so frustrated... I go thru a 500 box of q-tips in maybe 3 weeks!!!!

    I sometimes use tissue or paper towels instead of q-tips because I’m able to fold and thicken the end and that actually absorbs a bit more fluid and helps the itch the first time, instead of me having to use 5 q-tips for one ear to get dry. I’ll share pics of how it do it, but all I do is just fold up an end of tissue and roll it between my fingers.
  12. Meshaboo
    28A3A0FD-93D8-4726-9007-0DD610BB4E57.jpeg 174559AF-7C74-41CD-A458-8D2E5A5E6473.jpeg EF68A983-2716-4BE8-A4D0-5251699AE3D1.jpeg
  13. Meshaboo
  14. lamb-boy
    I was actually googling around because I was wondering if i was the only one struggling with this and i found this post haha!! I do that sometimes with the paper towel and it does work! I'm sorry you're still dealing with that tho :frowning2: Most of my doctors just look at me kind of baffled when I say my ears are always wet and popping lol it's so frustrating. Have you visited an ear nose and throat doctor? I mean, mine wasn't great but he did do some tests and maybe they could help you find a solution to your problem :) I hope mine clears up soon; my ears have been draining nonstop since I was at least 10 so it's really bothersome lol. Also, when I have head congestion, my ears feel really stuffed so I try to pop them and it makes me really dizzy. Do you experience dizziness too?
  15. Meshaboo

    I def have been to an ENT, a few actually. I got an ear pressure test to see if there were any holes in my eardrums but that was fine. I experienced dizziness more in the past, not so much now. But, YUP it’s the same when I’m congested too! My weak theory is that it’s something to do with our ENT connections. Maybe somehow our mucus or moreso our saliva is ... finding it’s way to our ear canals lol and it gets worse when we’re eating/drinking/sitting or laying a certain way because they’re more at work at that point?? idk?? ahhhggggghhhh lol. And maybe the dizziness and the fluid are connected since our inner ears help with balance

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