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EarPods..! - Its what apple calls its next gen Earbuds.. Fancy anyone?

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  1. LCfiner
    Do you mean the PAA-1 or the PAA-1 pro?
    I A/Bd the earpods with the PAA-1 Pro last week and thought they were similar. the PAA-1 pro have better bass and slightly larger soundstage. The earpods have less glare with vocals around 5 kHz (The PAA-1 Pro are a little like Grados with the glare at this frequency).
    since I happen to be more sensitive to glare and am OK with slightly less impressive bass, I'm not using the earpods for my on the go usage. they're quite good buds. 
  2. stozzer123
    Paa1.  Non pro.  Funnily I have ended up with 3 pairs of these in the past few weeks after revieving them with colorfly and hisound players.  Was very impressed with them for earbuds which i only every use on occasion anyway.
  3. mosshorn

    Agreed. I love my PAA-1's when I feel like having open cans (been obtaining only IEMs lately)
  4. zernan
    Here's my million dollar question... Would you get this over Beats iem/earphone?

  5. Brooko Contributor
    Well I succumbed to curiosity - and bought a pair.  Occasionally I need a portable set with no isolation - and the phone controls are ideal for my iPhone4 when I'm working.
    Got to admit, I'm pretty impressed with the sound for the cost.  Bass is definitely there - mostly mid-bass and a little bit "woolly' - but a major improvement over the old buds.  Upper mids definitely a bit shouty - and after awhile became annoying.  So I tried getting some foam covers.  For me quite a difference.  Unfortunately bass becomes a little more boomy with the covers, but it's not too bad, and at least it's present.  Mids are suddenly much better.  Highs are not bad at all.  Balance overall is OK.  They're unabashedly warm and bassy - but with enough sparkle up top to make them pleasant.
    I think your average user is going to love these over the old stock buds.  Good move from Apple to actually put some research and design into the buds.  Something like a gel cover would be awesome though (fit and comfort).  Foam fills the void quite nicely though.
    These are never going to be world beaters - but for the price - they're pretty good.  They eclipse the old buds by a very significant margin!
    Funniest thing was using them for an hour - and thoroughly enjoying them- then switching to the SE535 Ltd Ed, and being overwhelmed with the sudden increase in clarity, timbre, speed (and comfort).  If nothing else, they're a good reminder of why we spend the money we do in pursuit of the best listening experience we can get.
    These are keepers though.  Glad I bought them.
    Sinocelt likes this.
  6. Brooko Contributor
    Ummm - you're trying to compare a $130-$150 item with a $30 one?
  7. MrScratch
    I have little ears and my ear canals are pretty narrow... As a result, the midrange doesn't sound so forward/bothersome to me. :)

    So, people w/ little ears, REJOICE! :D
  8. NIghthawkC5
    They sound SO much better than beats Tour. I was pretty shocked to listen to the earpods for the first time :O they shame my once favorite Bose Mie2i for $30
  9. mechamits
    My wife is looking for a pair of buds for jogging and between the EarPods and the JVC HA-FX40, anyone here have a preference?  Both seem to be developing a strong fanbase on Head-Fi.  
    Do the EarPods fall out when jogging?  
    Do the FX40 buds isolate too much?
    Which reproduce female vocals/Pop/Rock better in your opinion?
  10. Sinocelt
    I'd consider the SHS8000.
  11. LizardKing1
    The FX40 have some microphonics, so she would have to use them with the cable behind the ear. They don't isolate too much at all, that's one of the reasons why I don't wear them outdoors.
  12. rickdohc
    Do NOT use Fx40 on outdoors,  isolation isnt good and it wont sound good. thats the reason i only used them while sleeping or very quiet places.
  13. birdman

    I run a lot, and the JVC's (and other iem's) will isolate way more than earbuds or the EarPods.  Earbuds ≠ iem's.  I choose not to run with iem's because I don't want to win the 2012 Darwin Award, I don't think it's very safe.  Even though I rarely run on streets.
    For the last two years I've run using the Sennheiser MX580, and would highly recommend them.  Very nice sound for earbuds, good bass and soundstage, on the warm side, nice for rock/pop/electronic.  Very durable.  I've run over 1,000 miles in one pair, also fallen asleep with them on a bunch of times, and they show no signs of breaking down.  This in a very hot climate.
    I'm also interested in the EarPods for running, would be curious to hear from anyone who's tried them while moving around. 
  14. rickdohc
    i agree,  they sound very good, mids are stunning for being earbuds. Good bass and highs dont have any silabance or they harsh, very good sounding earbud.   very balanced, good detail, soundstage, again.. very nice mids and highs.   They are not giant killers but they got nothing wrong.
    Price?  $30.00 
  15. JayOTheFirst
    is there any alternatives for the price 
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