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Earphones up to 100$

  1. JBSK
    Hello, I am looking for some earphones to listen to music when on the bus or at school (good noise isolation will be a plus). As the topic says my budget is 100$ but I can stretch it to around 130$ if there is anything worth looking at. I already have KZ ZS10 and ZST PRO but I don't like the over the ear cable design, also they both hurt my ears after few songs. I listen to trap most of the time, sometimes pop or rap. I looked at RHA MA650, FIIO F9, AKG N20 but I don't know which one to choose, any help will be appreciated.
  2. Will Chiu
    If you didnt mind the over ear style, I would recommend it01 from ibasso.
    If you really don't want to wear your earphone this way, I think you may wanna check out final e2000/3000/4000.
    If you can pay a little bit more, campfire comet will be a good one

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