earphones predominantly for Podcasts (music: rap, indie, electronic, rock)
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Aug 25, 2008

I've managed to lose my SoundMagic E30's and my monoprice earphones have now broken so I'm on the hunt for some earphones for podcasts predominately. I use my m50x for most if not all music listening but they are cumbersome if I want to quickly listen to a podcast on the way to the pub or when I'm washing the dishes. I may sometimes use these earphones for music and I mainly listen to Indie (Jaws, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Arctic Monkeys, 65daysofstatic), rap (Chance the rapper, Run the Jewels, Kendrick Lamar etc), electronic (Tom Hank, M83, Daft Punk, LCD Soundsystem) and rock (David Bowie, Jimi Hendrix, Slaves, royal blood). I realise my music taste and the podcast requirement conflict so please can you suggest something which is predominantly for podcasts that is under £80 and from amazon.co.uk? I would like to use Prime Now so I can use the £20 discount but its not essential. I've been considering the Shure 215 but I'm not sure if thats not recommended nowadays. 

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