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Earphones for sports?

  1. myemaildw
    i started doing a bit of jogging. but every earphones i’ve used kept falling out of my ears when i jog. what can you recommend?

  2. lin0003
    I use the Hisound E212 and SE215 when I run. I go at a pretty fast pace and they don't really fall out. 
  3. rsgladwin85
    I use Meelectronics Sports-Fi models.  But I think any models with the "memory wire" around the ears would work.  And ensure you have tips that create a nice tight seal.  With those two factors, you shouldn't have that problem anymore.
  4. myemaildw
    thanks i will try. i was going to buy se215 anyway so might be a good idea since they are good for jogging.


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