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Earphones for Rock/Punk to bass heavy Dubstep

  1. Noof
    I am looking for earphones that have the sound quality, but without spending too much over $100,
    Some earphones I'm considering:
    -v-moda but i dont know much about them.
    -Klispch s4 but i hear the build quality sucks.
    -MEElectronics have a bunch of earphones like the m6 or m9 but i dont know much about them.
    -radius atomic bass, I've heard they have too much bass.
    so basicly i want some earphones that aren't too expensive but have the quality i need ("bang for buck") as i said i listen to alot of punk/heavy rock and also some dubstep, but sometimes i also listen to acoustic music.
  2. ZARIM
    The HF5 are very detailed in mids n highs(extended) with good bass response (good for acoustic, vocal, pop n dance) and deep tight inear seal. The Sony EX510 are also detailed yet warm, fun to listen with deep punchy bass and wide open soundstage. If you raise your budget little more then EX600 are highely recommended(it's amazingly detailed, wide open and offers deep punchy bass) and Sony new dome type Dynamic drivers are amazing.
  3. Noof
    Have you tried any of the ones i mentioned? if so what do you think of them? the klipsch are highly rated everywhere!
  4. ZARIM
    I tried Klipsch S4, V-Moda Vibe II, Remix and they sound inferior to HF5, EX510 and EX600. These sound much more detailed(HF5, EX600)with good bass response.
  5. Noof
    the HF5, EX510 and EX600 are too expensive for me unfortunately!. So which one was best out of the Klipsch S4, V-Moda Vibe II and V-Moda Remix?
  6. dbdynsty25
    Brainwavz M2...awesome for bass-oriented music at around 50 bucks.  Save some coin.
  7. ZARIM
    The Klipsch Image S4 are better than V-Moda IEMs but if you are living in U.S then EX510 are easily available under $100. Other IEMs are M2, EX310(still better than S4), Turbine, HF3(average bass impact front of S4 and Turbine) and RE0(if bass is not first priority then these are very detailed IEMs and can compete with very highend IEMs).
  8. scuttle


    The HF5s are lacking in bass. I'm not alone in thinking this - it's practically universally agreed. Even Cowon EQ can't overcome this. They're great for my Glen Gould and Miles Davis, but take a lot of the kick out of the Pixies and The Clash. I'm not a bass-head - I thought I liked my music biased to treble- but using HF5s made me realize how important bass is to rock (.. and so why the Clash couldn't go on without Topper Headon!) My cheap JVC FX67s do a much better job with aggressive rock than HF5s - in fact they're superb - and they're not far behind the HF5s for everything else. In general they have a warm, enthusiastic sound with lots of punch - they make the opening of London Calling come alive in just the way the HF5s can't. I'd try FX67s and then consider if you want to spend more money - you might not, and everyone needs a pair of $25 IEMs they can afford to trash. 
    (The new HCX51s are said to be a sort of super-67, but only if you have first rate EQ to "re-program" their less desirable characteristics - so good for Cowon, but not for something like an iPod.)

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