Earphones and headphones for under £50
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Jun 23, 2009

I need some earphones for use with my ipod, and some headphones for use with my guitar amp. Obviously it would be great to have a massive budget for this, but I can only spend ~£50 altogether (I'm willing to go slightly higher if absolutely necessary).

Earlier, I was considering the Sony MDR-EX500LP Earphones and using them with both the amp and my ipod, would this be a good idea?

Other than that, I'm looking at the Sennheiser CX300 Earphones which are really cheap, and then either the Goldring DR150 Headphones or the Kam KHP1500 Headphones, both of which I've seen recommended to people here and other places.

Am I thinking along the right lines? Could anyone recommend anything else?

Thanks a lot.
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I own the CX300's. For that price they are really good. Although I'd probably go for the Creative EP-630 if I had to buy them again. Those two are identical, apart form the cable. The Creative has two equally long cables, but the Sennheiser has a short cable going to the left ear and a long one going to the right. The idea is to put the cable for your right ear behind your head in your neck. But I'd rather have two equally long cables. Personal choice.

However, I don't like using them with my guitar amp. You play yourself I guess? I find full size headphones much better to use with a guitar amp than IEMs.
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well since u dont say what kind of sound you want, my default suggestion around that price is the klipsch custom 2, cx95 / cx550 would also be a common recommendation around that price.

the sonys arent a terrible choice, certainly they are a lot better than teh cx300 but the ex500 is a very warm sounding IEM. if you want super warm then it would be the one to go for

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