Earphone + Mic/Remote adapter = lose quality OR Apple IEM??
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Jul 5, 2009
First of all, I'm a noob and have been reading this forum for quite sometime. I would like to say thank you to everyone to have been contributing to this forum with informative information along with a long of humors

Here my situation, i'm planning to get myself the iphone 3gs along with some mid-quality earphone. Right now I have my eyes set on the UM2, as I found their fit are perfect for me and the sound is much better then my going-to-retire UM1. However, if someone can suggest any other alternative that sound similar to the UM2, suggestions are most welcome!

Well now to my main concern, as you all might know, like most earphone, the um2 doesn't come with a Mic/Remote. So alternative will be to buy an adapter for it or buy the APPLE iems. But from what I gathered from my local store owners, it seems having an adapter will lose sound quality for your earphone or any device between your source and speaker for that matter (except the amf).So is this true?? Also One store owner said that their Monster IsoniTalk Adapter this the only one that doesn't lose any quality... is this also true? anyone have experienced with this before??? http://www.ilounge.com/index.php/rev...ne-for-iphone/ .

My other option is to go with the Apple IEM but I'm not sure if this will meet my requirements for sound. I want something better then my UM1 but not as high quality as the UM3X. So i guess the question is , um2 vs apple IEM really comparable?
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You should definitely find a way to try the new apple in ears. I used them with my touch for two weeks. The remote is very slick, the microphone is excellent, and the sound quality is surprisingly good (especially for the discounted prices on ebay). I paid full price for mine and did end up taking them back because I wanted something with a little more kick at the bottom end. But after listening to my battered e3c's for the last week, I kind of miss the apples. They were nice phones and were much more detailed than the Shures. I am patiently waiting on my westone 3s to arrive (tomorrow, yeah!!) but will probably re-buy the apples from ebay as a a low cost backup. Very comfortable, well made, and attractive (if that floats your boat).
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thx for replying..Correct me if I'm wrong, I heard E3C is the same league with the UM1, I think the Apple IEM is same or even better then the UM1. However, How does the Apple IEM Compete with the Mid-level ones, like the UM2???

I'm sure the weston 3 will blow away the Apple IEM in all aspect (beside having the mic/remote)

I hope someone that experienced all the earphones can shed some lights in to this.
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I have the Westones and the ADDIEMs (in fact, I have purchased 5 pair of the latter). I think the Westones are the preferred IEM, of course, but the ADDIEMs will suit your purposes perfectly. You can pick them up from a couple of legit ebay sellers for $35 or under (7Dime or Onedollar28 are the sellers I used). Another thing is I didn't care for the ADDIEM tips, so I use the Sony hybrid large silicones or the Comply T130 large, which both work very well. Some others use Shure olives and like them.

I don't think you can go wrong with the ADDIEMs, which to me are competitive with the mid-level IEMs I have owned, and I have owned many, but not the UM2.

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