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Earphone Comparison Q's

  1. lbm34231
    Hey everyone, I am lookin at getting a pair of higher quality earphones, specifically the Shure SE215 vs Westone UM1 (also if anyone knows the difference between the UM1 and the normal 1). Basically the big difference is in the driver (Balanced Armature UM1 vs Dynamic SE215) with the 215's boasting a removable cable. I am also concerned that the UM1 say that they fit small ears and i don't have small ears. I want the best sound possible with out going over this price range (unless there is an alternate that would beat these)
  2. ZARIM
    What your budget because there are many IEMs which sound better than these like RE0 but they are neutral and very revealing(out of two i will recommend the SE215).
  3. lbm34231
    The $100 and under (these are $120)
  4. ZARIM
    The RE262 are sale rightnow and they perform well above there current price, they are mid forward IEMs with good bass response and clear highs(very detailed compared to these two) and other IEMs like Yamah EPH100, JVC FXD80, Sony EX600, Sony XB90EX(very bassheavy like SE215) and HF5(bass light but very detailed and little cold sounding) are recommended. BTW if you can find used or new UE TF10Pro (they are highly recommended) and they are amazing sounding IEMs.
  5. ktan3142
    I just got my RE262 from the Black Friday sale yesterday, and, coming from the RE-ZERO and Etymotic HF3, I'm pretty impressed.
    Also, not to sound like a jerk, but I believe Head-Direct's page is a little messed up. The RE262 sale is not available anymore (click on the product and it says that the product is no longer available, then links you back to the product home page). I had to shoot them an email after the first batch was gone to get mine. Now I'm not even sure if they're back to their original $150 or simply out of stock. Shoot them an email maybe? [​IMG]

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