Earcandy v.2 extends listening pleasure
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Apr 16, 2003
CablePro Earcandy EC v.2 SX
The Earcandy v.2 headphone extension cable has a long history of extended listening pleasure.

The Earcandy v.2 headphone extension is more than just new wire. We've also changed the type of connector we use to terminate the 1/4" version. After much testing we discovered that we liked the Neutrik 1/4" phone plug and locking 1/4" phone jack on this particular cable. Not to mention the nifty look of the Neutrik connectors.

It is common knowledge that all of our cable products are terminated in-house. I think most people know that we are a bit particular about the quality of everything that goes into our product. After much fiddling around we found to our dismay that all solders were not the same. That was once one of the differences between Earcandy and Panorama cables. We used a very well know and high quality lead and tin based solder for Earcandy products, we used our own proprietary mix of solder that is 4% silver and contains no lead at all for Panorama products.

Not any more! Now we are using our own proprietary solder for all of the cables. This might seem like a small thing and it is only one factor. However you will find as you attain better performance that even small things can generate new levels of refinement. When you add a lot of little things up they often turn out to be a pretty big deal. So it is with Earcandy v.2 headphone extension cables.

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