1. nonsupremous
    Hi Amy,
    Would you happen to know if your design team has thought about or is currently working on any earbuds.  It would be great to take the sound of some of your IEM's, like the X10 with the bass impact of the S4 and put it into an earbud.  There are some good quality earbuds on the market but I have yet to find one that delivers good clean sound with true impact bass.  Those 2 IEM's are among my favorites.  The clean delivery of the X10 and the solid thump of the S4!  But I have stopped listening to IEM's because I tend to have earwax problems when I listen to IEM's.  But when I don't listen to them, everything is good.  So about a year and half ago I started on the never ending quest to find that true great earbud and I just haven't found it yet.
    So what say you?  =)  Are the klipsch guru's working on an earbud in some backroom lab somewhere!!?? [​IMG]
  2. Amy Contributor
    When you say "earbud" do you mean an on-ear headphone? From the context of your post, that's what I gather, but I've always understood earbud to be "in-ear" headphones.
    If on-ear is what you are looking for, check out the Image ONE.
  3. nonsupremous
    Hi Amy, Thanks for the reply,
    No, I mean the earbuds that are like the stock apple earbuds. 
    I currently own the Image One, X10, X5 and S4....but would really love to see an earbud (apple style) with the Klipsch sound sig! 
  4. emilyaldridge4
  5. john-james
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  8. Glorybouy27
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