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Earbuds (with mic) for iphone.

  1. Tacoboy
    My sister needs some fair quality earbuds (with mic) for her iphone.
    Anything decent in the $30-$50 range?
  2. Tacoboy
    Sennheiser MM50 IP earbuds with mic, are those any good?
  3. dbdynsty25
    I've got a pair of MEElectronic SP51Ps for sale in the forum if you'd like to try those.  They are outstanding earphones, I just prefer the isolation of the Atrio X iphone model instead.  Retail for 70 bucks...here's the think:
    They are also on ebay if you prefer...just search user: nullsetz
    You can check out the huge thread on IEMs here:
    Where Joker rates the Sp51s pretty well.
  4. lazpete
    Im also in the market for good buds for the iphone. I bet the SP51 are good iems, but they are iems, not buds.
    Any toughs are appreciated.
  5. tinyman392
    For buds, I'd be going along the lines of Yuin, AKG, or Sennheiser.  However, Yuin doesn't have any with a remote and mic...  So I'd go either AKG or Sennheiser.

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