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Earbuds Round-Up

  1. acroyear
    I bought the Hiegi foams because I thought the were the VE expack... I gotta find the VE expack somehow. I really want them now
  2. mbwilson111

    Choose either the ex pack or expack lite...one of the options that says no earphone included...unless you want one.
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  3. fonkepala
    My gripe with donuts is how hard they're to put on & also how they often shift around on the earbud shell/face when you're inserting them or trying to get a better seal. Thick full foams are best for my use case. Not a fan of the porous full foams from VE either.

    As a side note, currently listening to the RY4S UE after burn in. They sound great. Impressed with the bass quality and quantity. Details and mids too. No sibilance that i can detect...so far.
  4. Alex.Grimm
    I had RY4S HI with braided cable, but I would not say that there was good bass, it needed modification, it was possible to drill a bass port. But recently I tried RY4S Plus MMCX version in which everything is fine with the bass, compared to previous versions
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  5. citral23
    Yes the donuts "slip" on me too, but it's a minor annoyance I'm willing to accept to preserve the trebles of treble-shy earbuds (namely TO200, TO600). The RY4S I'm still unsure, it's not an immediate "this is great" like the nameless, but not a "this is ok, I guess" like the snowlotus 2.0 either, somewhere in-between and I believe it can improve with burn-in.

    Once I get my final Chinese packet for 2019 (TO180 and Tomahawk are yet to come) I'm gonna do a mega Roundup review. For what it's worth because we all hear differently, but someone out there might find it valuable.
    Last edited: Dec 14, 2019
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  6. robar
    I had similar experience with the RY4S UE. The bass is neutral at best, I can't hear or measure any kind of emphasis or boost in that area, the response is close to flat from 80hz to 1khz at least. The falloff in the lower region is quite slow so it has good definition, but I would prefer about +3-4db below 200hz (concentrated around 50-100hz) for it to sound balanced/realistic to my taste. There might be variations or recently modified tuning, so I can't be 100% sure that they still sound the same. I bought mine in last december.

    Have you tried anything below 20usd that you liked more than ry4s ue? (I know I know, there's bk2 and nameless but I'd be interested more in similar price range alternatives to the ry4s, just curious) If so could you compare them briefly?
    Last edited: Dec 15, 2019
  7. fonkepala
    The difference between the HI version and the UE version is the cable, right? Maybe that plays a role as well? I wouldn't call the RY4S UE basshead buds, but to me the bass sounds sufficient for the kind of music of music I'm listening to. Certainly not bass-light like the Monk Lite.

    Hmm, interesting. Different strokes for different folks, I guess. I'm beginning to think I prefer the sound coming from the RY4S UE over the NiceHCK B40.

    Looking forward to your mega review roundup!

    Yes, can't discount the possibility of sample variations and/or revised tuning. Still, it's interesting to know that there are differing opinions regarding the RY4S UE.
  8. fonkepala
    I meant to reply to this yesterday but it slipped my mind. I'm no expert, but if I recall correctly Bollywood tunes put emphasis on vocals (mainly female) and rapid percussions. At least the older songs are. Not too sure about current generation of Bollywood songs..maybe as pop-py as anything else. So...perhaps an earbud that emphasises mids and has a bit of rolled off treble (to counter some of the shrill instruments/recording quality)?

    You're satisfied with the VE Zen? It could be perfectly up to the job.

    Others here might be able to chime in with more substantial input.
    Last edited: Dec 15, 2019
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  9. seanc6441
    The zen is one of the darkest earbuds available. Considering it sounds dark without foams which most earbuds do not. It definitely has a dip in the upper mids and treble, with prominent mid bass and somewhat elevated low mids. It's not the cleanest nor is it muddy but it has pretty good detail without a hint of sharpness.

    If bass impact is not a concern I would advise you to consider the ourart TI7 instead. It has a better refined and detailed midrange and very soft but detailed treble. Like the zen it does not emphasize upper mids but it has a slightly more forward and realistic vocal quality than the zen.

    The zen has more bass slightly even without foams but the TI7 has the perfect mids and treble for what you are looking for.

    Also the TI7 is $59 and the zen is more than twice that.
    Last edited: Dec 15, 2019
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  10. ClieOS Contributor
    Which generation of Zen are we talking here? The original Zen isn't quite as dark as Zen 2.0.
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  11. amit3172
    Thank you so much for your suggestions. Let me check on Ti7.

    @ClieOS I have VE Zen ZOE 3.5 SE (320 Ohm) and VE Standard oyaide 102ssc 0.78mm earphone cable (2.5 trrs). Looks like it is Zen older version.
  12. ClieOS Contributor
    Actually it goes like this Zen > Zen 2.0 > ZOE. Zen 2.0 and ZOE has the same driver, but ZOE with Oyaide cable sounds slightly brighter.
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  13. Solar1971
    I know this is a newb question but here goes.
    I can see the difference between an "Earbud" and an "IEM"
    But what are the advantages / Disadvantages of an Earbud?
    They don't look like they would provide as good a quality of sound as an IEM to my eyes.
    Is it convenience? Or something else that i'm missing?

    Thanks :)
  14. baskingshark
    I used to look down on earbuds for years as I'm an IEM guy, I always thought they would have less details and bass than IEMs. Until I tried some buds at the last 11/11 sale and was quite impressed with their technicalities. Now I'm exploring the earbuds rabbithole too.
    Compared to IEMs, earbuds generally have poorer isolation (and generally have subbass rolloff) but they have better soundstage than IEMs. So it's like miniheadphones/speakers in your ears when using buds. I like headphones but I can't use them much in my hometown due to the hot humid weather, so buds are an option. Or if you have a ear infection or ear pain with IEMs, buds are a good alternative.

    Buds also tend to sound more natural in timbre/tonality than many budget CHIFI multi BA/hybrid IEMs too. But I would stick to homeuse for buds due to the isolation/subbass loss in noisy environments, and some of them have quite high impedance and cannot be easily driven on the go.
    Last edited: Dec 16, 2019
  15. chinmie
    Yes, it's potentially dangerous listening to earbuds in a noisy environment, because we might push the volume too loud to counter the background noise. Some closed IEMs that I've tried and remind me a lot to earbuds sound are the TFZ King and the recent Blon BL03, also the EX1000 and MT100 which both have a bit more leakage in isolation

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