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Earbuds Round-Up

  1. nick n
    I've been rapidly losing track of the thread here it moves too fast. What happened, did one fail or have issues ?
    They are tempting .
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  2. palestofwhite
    No technical issues besides needing some cosmetic fixes from Willy due to my own negligence. I might have snagged another pair before the year ends if not my for my travel plans.
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  3. alvinlim2010
    Anyone owns the Moondrop Chaconne? I had the pleasure to audition it in JP at Yodabashi (quite surprised they featured it) and from my brief listen it definitely sounds lush and smooth, yet musical at the same time. Treble is in control and overall really good sounding.
  4. seanc6441
    Mostly to do with the premium finish and look I'd imagine, which allows them to charge a premium price :)

    I prefer well made metal earbuds (ones that keep overall weight and fit in mind to make a good design and comfort or a good plastic either. I'd gladly use high quality plastic as an alternative. For instance the VE monk /zen smokey transparent shells are clearly a higher grade of plastic than the majority of mx500 shells and you can tell instantly just by holding them. Stronger and a smoother finish.

    I dont even mind the pk shells but even those have better grade ones like shozys uses compared to the $10 ones. The finish is better and the design is slightly more conforming to my ear.

    Kinda like how headphones like Senn HD series use high quality plastic and those headphones have great durability and finish.

    I think all materials like plastic metal or wood have their merits but tge design and quality is the most important factor.
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  5. seanc6441
    Sounds like what is needed to improve the stock sound. The staging needs to be a little wider but thats just about getting the mids-treble balance right. Maybe the plus mod does that with tuning.

    Still think it would be interesting to hear a kube driver in an alternative shell that's not got an mx500 design.
    Last edited: Dec 10, 2019
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  6. baskingshark
    I'm pretty sure metal shells make a difference to the sound signature due to resonance effects compared to plastic/wood shells. Nozzle diameter/length, shell shape, damping materials, shell materials, driver location are not by accident, they probably influence sound to some extent.

    For example, the TFZ No. 3 (regular, made of plastic) and TFZ No. 3 TI (titanium) have different sound signatures according to some reviewers, despite using the same drivers and being of the same shape.

    But definitely metal and wood shells look more premium and maybe would be of better quality then normal plastic ones.
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  7. Mhog55
    I would agree with this, only to a lesser extent than full size cans.
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  8. citral23
    I don't find the ry4s overly bright indeed, still going back to the TO600 after half an hour was a bit of a relief personally, there's something sounding rough in the highs.

    The point I don't agree with, but I didn't make it very clear, is that I don't think they are very detailed, but that there's a spike somewhere in the highs contributing to a somewhat forced sparkle, which could be mistaken for resolving power.

    I find detail to be a quality that is not entirely dependent of FR, like timbre if you like, can be emphazised or hidden by FR tuning tho.
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  9. fonkepala
    As someone who's waiting for his BK2 to arrive, this is very concerning. I hope it just needs burn in and not down to sample variation.

    I think Blur buds come with a 2.5mm balanced out option. They've been well-praised. The maker (Wong Kuan Wae) can be found in the Earbuds Anonymous FB group.

    Just wondering...does this also apply to buds that are inherently dark/warm-sounding? e.g. the Kube2, H180, etc.
  10. citral23
    Don't overthink it, it's still totally recommendable and I enjoy it very, very much, I just think I had an extra good one previously, happens with 20€ stuff, can't have the butter and the money for the butter.
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  11. robar
    Yep I noticed that, I forgot to address the detail point. :) I only said that in relation to the price, at least I find ry4s ue detailed among my other sub 10usd buds. I can totally imagine that there are better resolving buds for similar price, but I haven't encountered one so far, maybe because I mostly have cheaper buds in the sub 10usd range. Can you name something for similar price that is more detailed? Maybe Shiro Yuki?

    Yep I totally agree with different materials having different sound characteristics, I just don't think one is inherently better than the other, it all boils down to the overall design/tuning. I DIY earbuds as a hobby and I well aware of the fact that even tiny things can have big effect on the sound. There are even differences between mx500 shells. For example the chrome shell of the Fengru Silver sounds significantly different compared to regular ones. I guess it's due to the shiny coating inside and out. It adds that typical fengru silver flavour (midbass and upper mid dominant sound) to anything I put into it. First I thought it's just the tuning foam but then I moved the tuning to a regular shell and then it sounded like a normal balanced tuning, so the shell itself must be the source of that character.
    Last edited: Dec 11, 2019
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  12. fonkepala
    Currently at work and listening to the Edifier H180 paired with my Stoner Acoustics UD130 dac/amp. Something about the sound from the H180 that I can't stand. It's not as thick sounding as the SHE3800 but there's a weird peak somewhere that irritates me. After about an hour or so, had to switch to the Kube2. Thick as all get out but at least it's bearable.

    Edit: I've narrowed down what I don't like about the H180 sound. Mids and vocals are shouty. Shame, the shells are so comfortable.
    Last edited: Dec 11, 2019
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  13. HungryPanda
    I do prefer the Edifier H185
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  14. fonkepala
    Thanks for the input. Why the H185? Better sound or better fit? The shells are very different, I see.
  15. HungryPanda
    I find the Edifier H185 very comfortable so fit is good. Bass is pretty good for an earbud. I would call them L-shaped
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