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Earbuds Round-Up

  1. seanc6441
    They look great. Wonder how they sound:)
    Have you had a chance to listen to the Turandot you gifted to @mbwilson111 ?

    If so how does that compare to Hd650 and K's 600. I see it has been described as warm but detailed and with good mids.
    Last edited: Dec 7, 2019
  2. theresanarc
    Got the Faaeal Z-Sound 32 Ohms today (I'd oredered them with the Toneking ROS1s cos I wanted a cheaper earbud to go with the overpriced Tonekings). They aren't bad at all for the $2.75 price, not uncomfortable but not as ergonomic as the flatter buds either. Sound signature (with included foams) is a bit too bright for me but people with bigger ears might find it more balanced.

    Although my ears are probably changing since I first got VE Monks several years ago. I'd say that I probably prefer that V shaped sound signature that has bass but is also clear more nowadays than the sound signature I always tried to get (flat with no sibilance but clear).
    Last edited: Dec 7, 2019
  3. HungryPanda
    The Turandot has to be the best earbud I have heard. Quite lively with great extension at both ends
  4. EagleWings
    Actually Turandot’s signature is quite comparable to the HD650. A little warm in the lows and lower mids. The upper mids not bumped up like a Diffused Field/Harman curve, but has sufficient quantity. Treble is also quite similar with the 650 having slightly better extension. The 2 phones differ in the presentation though. HD650 has a bit of a forward presentation on most amps, whereas the Turandot is a touch relaxed in its presentation. HD650 being a full size headphone creates bigger instrument and vocal images. It also pulls ahead when it comes to dynamics and articulation.
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  5. munchzilla

    reading these posts... really makes me wish this earbud had MMCX connectors and a detachable cable. :D
    being all-metal it seems like it might not be possible to mod it easily...

    do any of you who have tried it know how it compares to something like the Toneking TO600?

    and, it's probably not fair to expect full-size imaging/soundstage from an earbud, but I might be wrong! :)
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  6. citral23
    It's hard to imagine an earphone that is much further apart from the TO600 than the ZS7, ZS7 has more sub than mid-bass, is v-shaped and has in your face treble, the TO600 I wouldn't call flat, but is more u-shaped I think, soft treble, and prominent mid-bass.

    The apple lightning dongle drive the TO400s fine, but that one has higher sensitivity (112db/mw) than the TO600 (108db/mw) so I can't say for certain it's enough. But I think someone said it works fine in this thread, not so long ago.

    I'll get the TO180 in 2 weeks or so I think, could be a good one as reviews say it has more bass than the TO200, which has the same sort of sound than the TO600 but with a very dry bass. At 150 ohms it would be a safe bet to drive from a dongle, will report once I get it.

    Don't be afraid, while some people report the Shure pads as 'taming the highs a little' on the SHP9500, it's completely night and day to my ears, not the same headphone at all.
    Last edited: Dec 8, 2019
  7. munchzilla
    ahh interesting... I'm looking for a more mid-forward earbud, so U-shaped might not be ideal. maybe I'm misunderstanding - or if it's a *very* gentle U-shape perhaps it could work.
    soft treble is definitely what I like, and a touch of mid-bass, but mostly a flatter midrange for good vocals, and whatever parts are needed for good guitar sounds.
    sub-bass isn't at all a big priority, but I do like a little mid-bass without dips in the lower midrange.

    I don't listen very loud, so maybe I don't have super high power requirements. I also have the iFi Nano Black Label but that one I don't like to take with me for portable use, it stays on my desktop.

    gosh this is very difficult, almost impossible to try these here in Europe... :)
    if the midrange/vocal range on the TO600 is considered top tier and not too withdrawn/far back, I am a little tempted to pick up a pair for desktop use only... and maybe find something else for portable if the Apple Dongle isn't enough.

    if there are any other owners reading this here, feel free to chime in, especially if you have comparisons to anything else - headphones mainly perhaps.
    I only have the VIDO currently, but have also owned Shozy BK before, and a BLOX earbud (forgot model name now... BE5 or something?).

    thank you very much for the detailed responses, you are being super helpful! just need that last little bit of convincing... :wink:
  8. golov17
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  9. munchzilla
  10. golov17
  11. citral23
    Maybe before spending 50, 200 or even more you should just get the moondrop nameless, which is as flat as it gets (maybe very slight mids elevation) and has a big soundstage, it has no removable cable but it's cheap and is good to have to relax should you get something else after that.

    From there we should be able to help if you want more of this, less of that?
  12. seanc6441
    Oh man if it was a touch forward in the mids it would probably be my ideal signature then. Still sounds like it would be fantastic.

    And if they did push the mids forward you'd almost certainly lose perceived soundstage.
    Last edited: Dec 8, 2019
  13. acroyear
    My Turandots arrive Tuesday. I have the To600 and the Zoomfred and I can give a comparison. As it stands now, the Zoomfred is the best earbud I've ever heard.
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  14. EagleWings
    The size of the soundstage itself is pretty large. Meaning, it is able place instruments far from you. But where it doesn’t match full-size HPs is, the size of the instrument images, which are comparatively smaller on the T-dot.

    Actually it’s not that the mids are recessed per se. It’s the entire presentation being slightly relaxed, in direct comparison to the HD650. Please don’t read too much into that. The mids on the T-dot have very good presence and body. I am a midrange lover and I love the midrange on the T-dot.
  15. EagleWings
    I’d love to read your comparison with the TO600 and the Zoomfred. Looking forward to it.
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