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Earbuds Round-Up

  1. mbwilson111
    What do you want to improve? I love the sound as it is. Are you using foams? Are you getting a good fit? I actually bought mine from someone who was unable to get a proper fit. Our ears are all so different... both for fit and perception of sound.
  2. dharmasteve
    I have the Rose Masya Mk 2 (pro) and it came with both cables, the black and silver. I do like the sound a lot but there isn't a discernible difference in cable sound to me. What did make a sound difference were the ISN Audio C16/S16 cables, but that's a more expensive upgrade and it is a straight edge cable. The best upgrade to the Rose Masya is the Blon 03 IMHO. Both have fit problems.
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  3. BadReligionPunk
    Is it true that VE thin foams have been changed or did I have some weird nightmare?
  4. LordZero
    I am using silicone rubber that came with the Sennheiser mx580 and Hiegi Donuts.
    They didn't just sound right to me... I tried hooks, thin and donut foam on top, the bass was ok, but the treble and mids were so strange, like thin or metallic.I always thought I couldn't get a proper fit. I have them for some time now, but didn't use them a lot because the sound was "unnatural", but never give up on them.

    Anyway, after the the post, I read something about inverted connectors... I plugged the cable with the L and R facing me, the sound was louder and fuller, the bass was tight, mids and treble more natural. Is this normal? Can someone test if the Rose Masya sound louder in the inverted position or normal?

    I bought them second handed, maybe the guy didn't liked the sound too for this reason.

    Oh ok! Have to look that cable up, but now I like the sound xD
    But isn't the Blon 03 a in ear?
    Last edited: Nov 17, 2019
  5. the diode
    Absolutely loving my new Zen LL DICE from VE. Much fuller sounding then the original. I cant wait to get the Sun and try those thing out.
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  6. mbwilson111
    I think you now have them in the correct position. The L and R on the cable faces the same way as the L and R on the bud. I am not going to turn mine around to see if the sound changes because I don't like to risk loosening the connectors. For some reason inverse polarity is noticeable on these. Interesting. There are two dynamic drivers in each earpiece with this bud so maybe that is the reason. I had always thought that if you were not sure which way to turn the cable, it would be ok as long as you did the same on each side. Seems that is not true with the Masya.

    I don't have this wooden version but you can see the L and R clearly in this photo. And, yes the Blon is an IEM... I would not consider it to be an upgrade to the Masya.

    Last edited: Nov 17, 2019
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  7. Alluvial
    When I read things like this, I am not sure whether my anatomy (earbuds, while comfortable, sort of float a bit in my ears) or my neurology is at fault. To me they sounds quite fine out of my phone (Pixel 3). At home, I use the Topping NX4 when I get the chance to just sit around. Honestly, I liked the cheaper buds from FAAEAL I tried (er, Snow Lotus, and Iris) but the bass was aenemic. The Rosemary's seemed to reproduce the overall pleasant qualities of the other buds but with much more bass. To be fair, I am not really a fan of overly bright sounding things. In fact, I am not really an audiophile per se, if I can say that without being too noxious - I love music, and with buds, its more about being able to try out lots of different sounds for a very low price.....
  8. oneula
    the suns are much fuller sounding greater extension to the bottom and top
    kind of like the difference from the original Zens versus the Zen lites/LL
    but both sound really good for buds
    perfect for my high impedance output chifi daps
    The new hooks are a blessing with these thicker cables
  9. the diode
    Thanks for the info. Cant wait for them to get in. Do you have the Zen/Zen Black to compare them to?
  10. citral23
    Hmm, I'm interested in the FAAEL Rosemary but that cable and y-split is a complete turn-off for me.

    But I'll get soon the MH755 (for the tips primarily) and will try to recable them, if successful I might give the Rosemary a shot.
    Last edited: Nov 17, 2019
  11. oneula
    I don't have the black just the Zen2 in 2.5 balance and the Zen2 Omega
    I just got the Sun DICE and BIE mmcx DICE term'd in 4.4 balance even though I don't have any devices with 4.4 at this time but Lee says its the future so I might as well get ready.
    Sounds like he may venture into the source area for his clan.

    Right now, I've got too many new buds IEM this past week to sit down with them all. Got the new FAAEAL Hibicus and Datura Pro the Zen LL DICE and I really want to spend some time with my new Nature Sound NS3 wooden IEMs, Be interesting to compare the Hibicus to the new Sun or Zen LL later.

    Currently listening to as I type an old set of Zero Audio Carbo Tenore's that I just saw listed fairly high on Crinacle's rating list. I'm listening to Emile-Claire Barlow's album "Clear Day" in DSD form HDtracks on my QNGEE X2. Had to dig them out from my IEM/Bud experiments last year. I still think on some other album tracks the bass is too boomy on these buds for my tastes but this album sounds nice lots of clarity though. Be interesting to compare them to the VEs since they aren't listed on his ratings.
  12. wskl
    I haven't bought any VE foams recently, but the first change I noticed was when the Monk Lite was released (Dec 2017 I think), the foams that came with it still have a porous quality but they are a bit thicker. The old VE foams were thinner but can tear quite easily, I actually do not mind the newer ones, they seem more durable to me.

    With the Ex Pack (Lite), it comes with 3 bags of foams, (1) has the porous foams, (2) has denser non-porous foams, similar to the Trig Rain foams, (3) contain donut foams.
  13. robar
    Well there could be many factors, we can't really tell what the other hears : ) I don't have other Faaeals to compare sadly, neither your phone. I didn't have the chance to try it on powerful source but maybe someone who can drive his Rosemary properly could compare it with a regular source like on an average android phone or something ; ) As far as my particular transparent shell (maybe thats a factor too?) unit goes, it has soft, smooth, dull sound from my sources with good quantity though very boomy one-note bass (most of my buds has a lot more articulated bass, even the cheap ones) I can't verify if it sounds different with proper amping, I can only rely on others' reviews. (I've read some which claimed it has a cool punchy almost aggressive sound - far from what I hear, my experience is more like listening to music behind closed doors) I heard a few others with similar experiences too about underpowered rosemarys. I don't think it's a taste issue because I would really enjoy this signature if it had more energy/clarity and extension, which I think this bud should give in an ideal situation. In my setup it's darker and softer than even my vidos or my blue qian25 and even qian39. The highs are especially muffled. If I had to guess, with proper amping it should sound like an improved version of blue qian25. I'm hopeful because I hear a noticeable improvement with my DACs over my phone, but it's still not enough so I think is should improve further by a lot. I'd certainly expect a lot more from this bud.
    Last edited: Nov 17, 2019
  14. oneula
    okay I just did a a/b compare with the zen2 vs the sun dice

    better separation with the sun seeming smaller but more defined sound stage
    less emphasis on the mids/upper mids which makes the zen2s feel brighter and more expansive
    but with the suns you get a better feel for all the instruments with nothing exaggerated
    bass feels stronger
    as much if not better instrument definition and clarity than the shouer tape

    I like these as much if not better than the experience I've had with my Tape and P1 even with the amp to drive the P1s
    these are a good match for my Zishan DSD AK4097 balanced out at 75% volume

    But I think because of the nature of buds and foam tips it's hard to get that exact high hat related timbre you can get with an over ears or IEM
    But that's the only thing missing
    Horns sound fine as do strings and drums
    listening to "On a Clear Day" with Emlie-Claire Barlow in DSD
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  15. j4100
    Some of the Ali shops are piss poor at shipping. I have five (non earbud) items "awaiting despatch" and one not even that far! That's a week since 11.11 now. At least the earbuds on the move and the NiceHCK B40s are on the plane.
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