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Earbuds Round-Up

  1. ClieOS Contributor
    USB power alone is actually fine if a decent power step-up circuit is included. The problem with Scarlett 2i2's headphone-out goes a bit further than just lacking a good power supply. The opamp that is used for the headphone-out is not actually suitable for driving headphone. To make it work, Focusrite has to put in resistors and capacitors in the signal path to make it works, but those also serve to degrade SQ. To put it simple, the headphone-out is really more in line of 'making sound; rather than 'making good sound'.
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  2. j4100
    I use the VE RA2.0bl with it's warp core battery pack, but this is more transportable than portable. Certainly powers the ZOE and other such power hungry buds.

    In other news, apart from the EA bud I ordered from Penon the other day, I ordered the AK lucky bag and a couple of the NiceHCK B40s, since I missed out on them when they came out. Perfect sleeping buds, as my Pandas cable is now extremely annoying with it's memory effect.

    First buds I have bought in well over a year!
  3. groucho69
    Over a year? That just makes you odd. So you fit right in here.
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  4. j4100
    Very true :gs1000smile:

    I bought way too many in a short period and managed to stop myself buying any more. Looks like I fell off the wagon
  5. groucho69
    A short drop
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  6. Chris674
    I just told my wife that I had hit my own personal endgame...and bought the lucky bag the next day.
  7. chinmie
    the nice thing about game is that it's replayable :o2smile:
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  8. mbwilson111
    Before you get back on that wagon, stop at your nearest ASDA and. pick up a MIXX Tribute earbud for £4. Add some spare foams and prepare to be surprised. If you don't get a fit, give them to someone else.
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  9. jant71
    Only spent $25 so not so bad but not really getting along with the Senfer KP120 I got two days ago. Maybe they will grow on me but they need some serious tweaking. Fit seems good as far as staying in but they don't really sit in my ears well enough and lose too much bass. Disappointed as I checked and the black filters they came installed with are the bassy filter option. Tried over ears and no real difference. What I would like from them would be the buds having a less even centered "shoulder". If you consider the driver the "body", the "arm" the stem down to the MMCX socket, the "shoulder" would be the back of the housing to the end where the filter screws in. Wish is was off center and more towards a two o'clock position which would allow the buds to sink down and more forward in my ears more than they do. More like a speaker that you are too far away from. Enough power can fix but I don't have anything, atm, as I am waiting for the Qudelix 5K type thing or one of the small players with some power to not have the issues/ finish installing all the features they promised :)

    Filters seem cool but on the right bud the filter can unscrew pretty damn quick on it's own. They really need little o-rings to make sure they don't unscrew on there own. Make sure you tighten them good :) Would be nice if the black filter was in between a bassier one and a cooler one instead of the flat and two bass rolling filters...

    Not sure why they only come with donut foams and no solid foams. Obviously I need solid foams to gain some warmth. Good sounding driver that has good bass reach and good balance. Treble does drop off and not gonna extend like an expensive bud obviously. Good bass extension and enough on the treble for it's price.

    Like the cable. Actually using it on my Shuoer tape. Last Senfer cable I had on the PT25 was too long, unruly, and rolled off bass. this one is holding a few of it's bends/kinks form out of the box but is light, looks good, and sounds pretty nice.

    Wish these had a bit better shape to a allow deeper fit and came with some solid foams and maybe a zip case. Could have be a real hit but not so much. I feel them will be more of a YMMV kinda bud with up and down impressions. I'm sure a few will get along with them better than me and some as well as me. Missing it by a little bit certainly seems to be the norm for Senfer in the below $30 range. Better than the PT25 in some ways but the still missed the mark in a few areas.
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  10. j4100
    Oh no! I'm going there tomorrow. Don't do this to me :dt880smile:
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  11. Alex.Grimm
    You bought at a high price, on sales, there were many opportunities to buy for $ 18-19

    Last edited: Nov 14, 2019
  12. Alex.Grimm
  13. mbwilson111
    Good thing I let you know just in time! We were at Asda a couple of days ago and they only had two left in rose gold...so of course I grabbed a spare. All the black and grey were gone and our Asda never did have purple, white or blue. My husband happened to be in Maidstone one day though (actually a bunch of days but that's another story) and was able to get those colors.

    Don't let their build quality fool you. Those MIXX Tributes sound bigger than they look. @Willber was going to give some impressions... where are you Willber?
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  14. citral23
    I did a bit more research on the Topping NX3s amp, because its 2X 545mw at 32 ohms looks very powerful compared to competition (for 65€ at least) and the audio science guy review is actually really good reading more closely, it just doesn't perform well on USB current, nor when the battery is almost empty, which isn't a problem for me. So I'll get that for the bedroom with my Z3/DSD pro to feed hungry earbuds, and most likely a tin P1.

    At work, it will be a 9038D on the laptop, should power 400-600 ohms earbuds easily.

    Good time to start saving towards EOY
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  15. j4100
    Just how many colours are there?

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