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Earbuds Round-Up

  1. waynes world
    He/she also says that the B40's bass is more potent than the ME80's bass. Not my experience.
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  2. snowmind
    Exactly, i don't observe coherence about that either. We all know that each person has an ear type, signature sound they prefer, but this assessment of the site seems distorted from reality.

    Maybe he has a lemon B40?
  3. dharmasteve
    I think, from what I see on this thread, quality control is not great on cheaper ear buds. My own B40s are really good, not far behind much more expensive buds. So they can be really good. But I have had a bad version of the Monks, a really poor KZ, a fake Sony and another couple of bad ones from a while back. We may be talking a high percentage of cheaper buds.
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  4. snowmind
    I probably believe there is a bias to that. Jim Nicehck must face problems of lack of quality control in the factory, especially in the cheapest buds. Maybe that explains this weird review.
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  5. robar
    If I understand the review correctly, he listens to these earbuds without any foam. If this is true indeed that would make these reviews even more “interesting”. I also don't understand his complaint about lack of strain reliefs
  6. citral23
    People hear different things, he finds the EBX neutral, and detailed without becoming harsh, while I personally can't use them on albums that are even slightly too forward in mids/treble my ears literally bleed (but they are great on albums that have a very soft sound)
  7. cqtek
    Ourart QJ21: In two words .... Wooooowwwwww!!!

    OurArt QJ21 01__resize.jpg OurArt QJ21 17__resize.jpg OurArt QJ21 19__resize.jpg OurArt QJ21 24__resize.jpg OurArt QJ21 27__resize.jpg
  8. rkw
    Someone mentioned it before. This can't be a coincidence.


    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  9. csglinux
    Here's a brief comparison of the Moondrop Chaconnes vs the Shozy BK Stardust earbuds:

    I'm using @antdroid's suggestion of donut foams over the top of full foams on the Chaconnes. (My Shozy BKs are just using single donut foams.) I like @antdroid's double-foam trick for the Chaconnes, but it still doesn't entirely resolve the fit issue for me. Here are some pros/cons of the Chaconnes:

    One of the best-sounding earbuds I've ever heard. In fact, I think I'd say it is my favorite-sounding earbud so far. Overall, I think I even prefer it to the Shozy BKs, which have otherwise been my favorites for years. They have a slightly more natural timbre to my ears and a smoother-sounding treble. (They don't have that hole that the Shozy BKs have around 8-9 kHz.)

    Even with double foams, they have a little less sub-bass than the Shozy BKs. One word of caution about these graphs though. I measured these using a 711 coupler with an earbud canal extender. My setup won't match your ears, and, very likely, neither would a full anthropometric set of artificial pinna. While I can get very repeatable measurements from IEMs, earbuds with any kind of foams are a bit of a crapshoot, because the bass can easily go up or down by several dB according to the amount of pressure you apply to the earbud over the canal opening, i.e., it will depend on your external ear shape and how well they sit and seal in your ears. I can get a decent amount of bass with the Chaconnes, but their ergonomics aren't nearly as good as that of the Shozy BKs. I can run around and do backflips with the BKs in, and they don't go anywhere. Just walking around in the Chaconnes is enough to cause them to wobble around and come loose in my ears.

    So, my Shozy BKs will still be my go-to portable set of earbuds, but if you're going to be sitting fairly still, the Chaconnes are a great choice.

    Somebody had asked @ClieOS a few pages back for his top 10. Now I haven't heard anywhere near the number of earbuds that @ClieOS has (I've only owned about 40 pairs), but the Chaconnes and the Shozy BKs are easily my top two. Number three on my top 10 doesn't even come close to the SQ of these two earbuds. Every other earbud I own, or have owned, has some fairly wild peaks or troughs in the FR, resulting (to my ears) in a less natural sound. These two are both way ahead of any other competition I've heard so far.
  10. Merkurio
    Received my Tonekings TO600 today and I really liked the detail, instrumental separation and openness feeling for the price (about 70 dollars with shipping by DHL). However, I was not surprised with the bass response or the treble extension and my left driver rattles with genres where low frequencies predominate, so I will process a replacement/return.

    Which TOTL earbuds you consider would be a worthy upgrade and with good QC, regardless the price? I like the harman target in IEMs (such as the Blon BL03) and also prefer a nice build quality and materials, but with better sonic capabilities than the TO600s (better extension at both ends, resolution and tonality).
    Last edited: Oct 22, 2019
  11. ClieOS Contributor
    I really don't mind if I can help out, as I do have an ulterior motive of wanting to see better earbuds make it into the market. While my advice is free, it does take effort from manufacturer to send sample over and going back and forth about tuning, which is not easy on their part.

    ...and to think we have someone complaining the lack of bass on B40 last week...

    Here is story that the owner of Moondrop told people awhile back when they were doing inventory - his manager told him that half of all the drivers for Liebesleid at the time, around 50 pairs or so, have to be threw out because they don't meet the tolerance - that is about RMB15000 ( = USD$2100+) worth of drivers in the trash can. Now you know why some earbuds cost so much.
    Last edited: Oct 22, 2019
  12. seanc6441
    So any full impressions on the QJ21? Does it improve on the low end of the ACG/TI7. Are the mids of as high quality?
  13. ricesteam
    I miss my VE Zen 1.0, which I foolishly destroyed a while ago. Anyone know if there are any earbuds in today's market with the same or similar sound signature? I recall at one point the Seahf 320 v1 (smart) sounded the same or similar to it. It even looked like a rebranded Zen 1.0.

  14. mbwilson111
    Destroyed in what way? Does it just need a new cable?
  15. ricesteam
    In the process of replacing the cable, I applied too much pressure when opening one of the buds which resulted in the membrane separating from the driver. Perhaps with the right skills and tools, one could repair it. To me, that single torn wire connecting the two components is too microscopic small for me to fix.

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