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Earbuds Round-Up

  1. seanc6441
    This would be a very very nice starter earbud for you http://www.rholupat.com/willsound-buds/willsound-mk2-nv.html

    You won't regret buying a Willsound mk2. Best earbud to use as a basis for other earbuds too because it has nice bass impact, pretty good refinement in mids and highs and a good sense of soundstage.

    Or if you want an MMCX earbud there is the MK2 MMCX (no cable) version on the same site under Willsound buds section.
    Last edited: Oct 20, 2019
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  2. JPardo
    Thank you for your opinion. I will be attentive to your enlargement when you refresh the sound. At least I know I will not be disappointed at that price.
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  3. HeadlessChicken
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  4. ClieOS Contributor




    Reecho RC One
    Yincrow RW-1000
    OurArt QJ21
  5. citral23
    Can you post a review of the OurArt? You must be the only person on Earth to have it lol.

    Can't find anything online about the yincrow, where did you get it?

    (Edit : found it on Chinese sites only for now. Extremely interested, please tell us what you think of it)
    Last edited: Oct 21, 2019
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  6. chaiyuta
    @ClieOS : Regardless of price, Among SMABAT ST-10, Yincorw RW-1000 and Ourart QJ21, which one is your most upper hand?
  7. cqtek
    It is possible that this week I will receive it...I will do review
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  8. ClieOS Contributor
    RW-1000 was only released in China just over a week ago, so it will take time for it to make it to the international market. I usually get my earbuds directly from the maker's Taobao store, thus faster.

    Can't say in certain at this point, as I only have an hour or so of listening on both RE-1000 and QJ21. What can be said is that both are fairly good, as in the upper echelon of earbuds.
  9. mynamekok
    11.11 nearly come and I have 2 earbud in my mind
    Ourart QJ21
    DQSM Turandot
    Which one is better !!!!!
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  10. chinerino
    just curious, if can, could you compare rw-9 with the 1000? i know that there is a huge jump in price but just wanna know the marginal gains
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  11. snowmind
    With the perforated foam, the sound of the B40 is more airy, with more detail. With the foam full the sound is veiled, did you notice that?
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  12. mbwilson111
    That is why some people do prefer donut foams. If you are enjoying them like that, then that is what is right for your hearing.

    Personally I am happy with full foams. I am unable to use donut foams because they always slide out of place for me. Probably when I wiggle the earpiece into position in my ear.

    the only buds that I use with no foams are my recabled Sony HPM-64s. They have a rubber edge that is part of the shell and are small enough to stuff into my ear opening with a good seal. I have never even tried foams on them because I am happy with them as they are. Also, as you are experiencing with the B40, the Sony would probably become veiled.

    I do not find the sound on the B40 to be veiled but that is with my pair (fully burned in) and my ears. No one can tell you what is best for you.
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  13. ClieOS Contributor
    RW-9 is noticeably more mid-centric with a sweet if not slightly thick vocal and otherwise smooth / rounded off ends at both side of the frequency response. RW-1000 is clean sounding, close to neutral if not just very very mildly U-shaped and well extended The first thing you will notice between the two is the RW-1000 is much grander in presentation, with much bigger soundstage and image. There is also a lot more detail as well, especially on the treble region. While it is bright, I won't go as far as calling it hot or edgy. Bass quantity and quality is about neutral, and I only calling it 'very mildly U-shaped' because RW-1000 doesn't have a particularly sweet / intimate vocal, but it isn't particularly hallow either. Actually using full foam will give RW-1000 a much needed sweetness over vocal, but my general preference is donut foam for a crispier sound. As far as overall SQ is concerned, I don't think RW-9 is anywhere near RW-1000's level. RW-9 is close a mid-tier, where RW-1000 is somewhere around a second to first tier.
    Last edited: Oct 22, 2019
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  14. Narayan23
    No veil at all for me with full foams, I really like the B40 and reading some negative or completely different opinions to what I experience with them, leaves me a bit baffled. They are less bright sounding than the RY4S UE although the latter have a bass I´m infatuated with (I´d say the RY4S UE is a very good movie earbud since it gives dialogues and shots / explosions the clarity and heft they need). The Snow Lotus 2.0 are pretty well balanced but I find them less lively than the B40 and that damn cable gets in the way of my enjoying them, I can´t seem to get a proper fit. Finally, the B40 have made me realise that lifeless and sterile = the Senfer DT6 sound, I´ve tried to like them, used different tips, but alas we weren´t meant for one and other and I´ll give them away.

    A tip of the hat to ClieOS and a petition to him to do more collaborations, thinking what he could do given more budget has my Mojo flowing.
  15. snowmind
    Thank you for your words. For most people, the B40 has a natural, well-tuned sound, nothing is missing, it's all there.

    However, i would like to understand an evaluation of the Audiofool. The man goes into battle against the B40 saying he is lousy in treble: https://audiofool.reviews/2019/10/02/nicehck-b40/

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