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Earbuds Round-Up

  1. DBaldock9
    Thanks! I normally have 6 tabs open in my text editor, for the different sections of my Head-Fi profile - and just update them as I order or modify things. Then I copy the updates to my profile.
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  2. rkw
    But what about the smabta? :o2smile:

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  3. mbwilson111
    You have some very helpful information in yours. I wish I could do rankings like you do but I have a difficult time with that.
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  4. baskingshark
    Hello, I am mainly an IEM guy, but would like to ask if u guys have any recommendation for earbuds.

    Looking for something with wide soundstage like the senheissers (if possible). Budget max $100 USD, but prefably $50 price range would be good.
    Prefer something not bright, with good bass quality and quantity. Preferably not too recessed mids.
    And would like something with a very natural organic timbre, prefer no artificial sounding acoustic instruments.

    Usually at home i use a Khadas tone board -> Fiio A3 amp.
    On the go I use a Ziku HK-X9 DAP or Tempotec sonata HD to android.

    Thank you all in advance for your kind input!
  5. palestofwhite
    I think it will be quite some time before I receive them, as the black colour I wanted is still on the way to the seller.
  6. seanc6441
    That's how I ruined my Ourart Ti7... Be careful adding too much EQ. If you hear any clipping the driver can't handle it and mine developed a rattle.
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  7. XP_98
    Could someone compare Moonbuds Super Nightingale with Moonbuds Phoenix Premium ? They are in the same price range (TOTL, and yes I also asked in "high end earbuds" thread :wink: ) ...
    Last edited: Sep 12, 2019
  8. Alex.Grimm
  9. seanc6441
    Seems like they are enlargening their titanium driver? Looks bigger but that could just be the picture. If it can produce much better low end than TI7 it'll be a winner.

    Ourart already wins the midrange wars and the treble is well refined too.

    That driver is interesting. Capable of producing such full bodied mids despite being quiet restrictive of airflow. Really quality driver though.

    I still think a dual driver design would suit this driver immensely to help out the low end but I'm excited to see what ourart can do with a TOTL single driver earbud.
    Last edited: Sep 12, 2019
  10. dharmasteve
    Can anyone advise me on the Ourart ACG. I have the Rose Masya Mk 2 but wanted an earbud with a little more treble. Any advice on the ACG.
  11. phthora
    lol... I believe it! I have a hard enough time with mine. I love that you've included price. I recently trawled through several profiles, yours included, to make a shortlist of earbuds to research and potentially buy. Knowing the prices you paid for things helped me figure out how good the AE prices were. Extremely helpful!

    Thanks! I always wonder if my ratings make sense to other people. Usually people just give everything they like 5 stars because it's "great for the price" (not to open up that can of worms again), but I ignore price and just go by sound. So, the 3-star Snow Lotus 1.0+ I got for 10 bucks are far more impressive that the 3-star DT770's I got for $120. Neither are the absolute best in terms of sound quality, but I do consider them on the same level. That way just makes more sense to me. I mean, what happens when the price changes, but all the ratings and impressions only reflect the older price? Not really helpful then. Anyway... as you can tell, I also have trouble with ratings. But, I want people to visit my profile and know what I've heard, what I own, what I think of that stuff, and what kind of FR I like. Then they can decide whether or not to take me seriously.
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  12. Alex.Grimm
    You have to try Smabat ST-10. It has a very depth midrange, and a very cool low. It sounds good with almost all genres, except perhaps an alternative metal or something like that, for this it is better to use Willsound MK2 or Kube v1, Sabia v7.

    Select Comparisons:
    Last edited: Sep 12, 2019
  13. waynes world
    Oops, one zero too many lol! Apparently though the seller has recommended 100+ hours.
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  14. seanc6441
    Not a fan of bright/lean mids earbuds. I tend to aim for earbuds with more full bodied sound like bs1, ti7, docomo buds type of signature. I don't mind some treble emphasis but I hate when the mids are lean. Ti7 definitely has lovely mids (the vocal range is the best I've heard, only the driver of my K's ling can produce similar quality of vocals) but bass depth isn't anywhere near the level I enjoy. Bs1 has really good mids as does the cygnus/docomo buds too.

    I'd probably like the bass of the st-10 but i think the mids wouldn't be my cup of tea. If an earbud needs to boost the presence region and dip the low mids to achieve clarity then it's not for me. I prefer neutral to warm mids for sure. Besides I haven't been using earbuds for months, it was aggravating my tinnitus there for awhile. Might try ease my way back slowly at low volumes.

    I'm trying to catch up with this thread but I've got like 100 pages to get through lol!
    Last edited: Sep 12, 2019
  15. mbwilson111
    Lean mids on the ST-10? Not to my ears. Using full foams with donuts on top as recommended by @ClieOS

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